Jun 6, 2022

⚕️ ~ πŸ’“('Frankstein-Fish. Avoid synthetic Cannabis & sex with Vaxxed. Alliance defeated Kabal’s plan W.H.O. treaty. Summer Power outages.') MICHAEL SUSSMAN ACQUITTED, CRYPTO UPDATE, CANNABIS LEGALIZATION IN THAILAND, FRANKENSTEIN FISH, MORE (3D to 5D Consciousness) πŸ’• ~ |

WHO Forced into Humiliating Backdown - Pauline Hanson's One Nation

Michael Sussman acquitted, Crypto update, Cannabis legalization in Thailand, Frankenstein fish, Blackouts in America, WHO treaty defeated, Saturn retrograde

Michael Sussman acquittal will expose the corruption within the judicial system. I think this is story is not over. My analysis about crypto industry is coming to fruition as one more exchange is showing signs of problems. They are laying off staff and have been hit with a lawsuit. Thailand has joined Canada with the legalization of Cannabis, but there are hidden spiritual consequences that people are not aware of. Frankstein fish is being exposed in America, be careful of the food you are consuming. The Alliance defeated the Kabal’s plan of getting rid of the WHO treaty. Saturn retrograde will be kicking the cabals butt and forcing them to learn their lessons the hard way. Many of their crimes will be exposed, so be prepare for blackouts in America.

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