Jun 23, 2022

๐Ÿ•ต️‍♂️๐Ÿคฅ⛓️ ~ (Crimes of the NAZI Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA Crime Cartel) Massive Financial Ukrainian Fraud Exposed! (Tom Heneghan Explosive Intelligence Briefings) ~ | Blogger: As always, use your own spiritual discernment, reading on my blog, remember to do your own study - the truth is out there... Many finds, Tom Heneghan's narrative, illustrations and his word choice repulsive, but in my book, not all of the Intel is Fake News, that's IMPOSSIBLE. Tom Heneghan always bring "Albert Gore Jr." as his own HERO and disregard. Mr. TRUMP, but, that is his choice, not SoTW... ⚰️NOTE: My higher-self told me, a few days ago, that "Barack Obama" suddenly disappears, after he got "Corona" etc. - is dead and gone in secret in 2022... |

Tom Heneghan Explosive Intelligence Briefings (tomheneghanbriefings.com)

UNITED States of America   -   It can be reported as Constitution patriot, year 2000  
DULY ELECTED  now inaugurated  United States President Albert Gore Jr. of Carthage, Tennessee continues to fully enforce 28th Amendment Application President Gore and U.S. Naval Intelligence are now in possession of all financial records showing that the $54 BILLION illegally sent to Nazi occupied nation of Ukraine was not only sent BEFORE Congressional authorization but sent in two supplementary wire transfers of $32 BILLION, $12 BILLION and then $10 BILLION transferred after Congressional authorization.

Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols funds
due the U.S. and French Treasuries for the last thirty (30) years 

The $32 BILLION and $12 BILLION which total $44 BILLION represent the funds taken out of the National Bank of Ukraine which were laundered STOLEN Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols funds due the U.S. and French Treasuries for the last thirty (30) years by now de-legitimized HIGH TREASON Traitor Joseph BidenFRAUD (George W. BushFRAUDScherff on steroids), his son Hunter along with CIA agent lifelong Bush Crime Family employee Hillary Rodham Clinton in early 2016.

BidenFRAUD and his son, Hunter, then laundered the BILLIONS though RED Chinese Burisma Corporation and then Hillary used $10 BILLION to finance her campaign for president which included bribing the entire Nazi U.S. CIA Mockingbird media to do everything possible they could do to illegally install her including the RussianHoax-FBI Division 5- CIA TREASON operation.

The bribing of the extortion friendly Nazi U.S. CIA Mockingbird media in 2016 was similar to the bribery operation in 2000 in an attempt to install Nazi junior George W. BushFRAUDScherff into the White House.

It did not work in 2016, in fact Hillary’s attempt to steal the 2016 presidential election failed and, of course, we know for a fact in the year 2000 the election was stolen from duly elected  now inaugurated  President Gore.

That is what the other $2 BILLION was used for.

Ukrainian oligarch Oleksandr Onyshchenko provided this National Bank of Ukraine financial evidence to President Gore and U.S. Naval Intelligence along with European INTERPOL after being released from his illegal imprisonment in the nation of Germany two nights ago.

Oleksandr Onyshchenko has been working directly with Ukrainian whistleblower Igor Kolomoisky in gathering this evidence.

We can now report that it was Barack Hussein Obama-SoetoroFRAUD, now de-legitimized Joseph BidenFRAUD that then lobbied CIA agent BushFRAUDScherff stooge and then Trump-Drumpf Attorney General William ‘Iran Contra’ Barr to request that then German Chancellor Angela Merkel to illegally have Oleksandr Onyshchenko arrested in 2019 before he could fly to the United States to testify at the first Trump impeachment hoax.

The $54 BILLION STOLEN U.S. AND FRENCH TREASURIES FUNDS were also illegally laundered through the Queen of England’s QE Trust along with the HIGH TREASON Bush Crime Family’s Vatican-controlled Francis S. Driscoll Trust and 9/11 financier the Carlyle Group.

The $54 BILLION was not directly used to finance Zelensky’s war effort in Ukraine but to create a ‘new set of books’ that could pass an International Monetary Fund (IMF) audit and try to avoid a European INTERPOL criminal investigation of Ukrainian President Zelensky, Joseph BidenFRAUD, his pedophile son Hunter and CIA agent Hillary Clinton.

This is why HIGH TREASON TRAITOR current U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland (covered up Oklahoma City bombing) flew into the Ukraine not to prosecute war criminals but to retrieve and take possession of the ‘new set of books’ tied to the National Bank of Ukraine which will actually now be used as an attempt to bail out the Queen of England’s JPMorgan Chase, along with the Burisma Corporation and the JPMorgan RED Chinese Evergrande hedge fund.

Message to piece of shit treasonous Garland:

You want to prosecute war criminals, punk?  You need to immediately proceed with President Gore’s arrest warrants issued for Nazi George W. BushFRAUDScherff and pedophile Dick Cheney.

          AG Merrick Garland visits Ukraine to discuss war crime prosecutions 

As reported in previous intelligence briefings, $38 BILLION of stolen U.S.-French Treasuries funds parked in President Zelensky secret Costa Rican bank accounts have been frozen by  now inaugurated  United States President Albert Gore Jr. and U.S. Naval Intelligence.

It is important to note that now de-certified President Donald J. Trump-Drumpf (original family name) is participating in a reality TV show hoax called the January 6th Congressional Select Committee investigation into the alleged January 6th FBI Division 5 scripted and staged ‘insurrection’.

The January 6th alleged investigation run by HIGH TREASON TRAITORS Adam Schiff (D-CA) and the daughter of a war criminal total piece of shit Liz Cheney (R-WY) is being used to cover up the REAL HIGH TREASON CRIMES that began with the REAL stolen election reference the year 2000 Bush P2-CIA-ChoicePoint software presidential electoral 
coup d’รฉtat.

Then came the 9/11 ‘Reichstag’ attack on the American People, the Iraq and Afghanistan WARS based on totally fabricated lies along with the illegal spying on the American People using the illegal un-Constitutional Patriot Act aka Nazi Hitler’s 1933 ‘Enabling Act’ that continues to this day and the total destruction of the U.S. economy allowing insidiously corrupt banks to receive a massive crooked bailout using U.S. Taxpayers money that, again, continues to this day.

It is important to remember that now de-certified Donald J. Trump-Drumpf has signed a non-disclosure agreement with the NAZI CIA and his ‘CIA handler’ anti-president Gore punk David Straight in which Trump agrees not to discuss or expose any of this HIGH TREASON evidence especially dealing with the crimes of child rapist NAZI German junior George W. BushFRAUDScherff who Trump gave a presidential pardon for his HIGH TREASON CRIMES that now inaugurated President Gore has revoked!

Note: As previously reported, after the 2020 election was stolen Trump declared the Insurrection Act and ordered a raid of then U.S. Attorney General ‘Iran Contra’ Barr’s office in which he obtained possession of illegally classified documents which he is still holding in his Mar a lago residence in the state of Florida.

As Trump continues to collect money from the “January 6th” sham he holds onto evidence including the fact that ‘Iran Contra’ Barr was a major stockholder in the Dominion election fraud corporation and Barr was also at the time concealing evidence that Dominion software was tied to Fox News satellites along with the British Galileo satellite and Russian Sputnik satellite that were used to hack and STEAL five (5) states from duly elected  now inaugurated President Gore at 7:58 p.m. central standard time on election night 2000.

Barr was holding back Dominion software evidence that the election stealing Dominion software had algorithm codes installed that could flipped 3 percentage points in the popular vote of various states from one candidate to another.

Yes, the January 6th Congressional Select Committee is nothing more than a psy op and cover up just like the fake Bill Clinton ‘blow job’ impeachment aka ‘Operation Prom Queen’ with Trump-Drumpf and HIGH TREASON TRAITORS Adam Schiff and daughter of a war criminal Liz Cheney making a fortune in campaign contributions.


We are happy to divulge that within 24 hours all previously withheld files of great patriot Julian Assange of Wikileaks will be available to the American People through the National Emergency Broadcasting Company (EBS) at the Andrew Jackson Presidential Museum in Hermitage, Tennessee along with the CNN network.

The files will include the massive crimes of the NAZI Bush-Clinton-Obama-CIA Crime Cartel including all of the communications that Ambassador Leo Wanta directed to BushFRAUDScherff-Cheney along with Obama-SoetoroFRAUD and BidenBRAUD concerning the U.S. Treasuries demand (not the privately owned (non) Federal Reserve) to immediately implement the STOLEN Wanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocols funds aka $27.5 TRILLION  due the U.S. and French Treasuries for the last thirty (30) years.

The communications will also include NAZI German daddy Bush-Scherff (George Herbert Walker Bush-Scherff) ordering his CIA puppet foreign born Barack Hussein Obama-SoetoroFRAUD not to pay Wanta and stop from implementing the Protocols.

Yes, Obama-SoetoroFRAUD along with his transgender wife Michelle aka Michael were and continue to be total stooges of the NAZI CIA.

That is why Obama-SoetoroFRAUD had to appoint CIA agent Hillary Clinton and U.S. Secretary of State.

Nazi George W. BushFRAUDScherff and Michael (Michelle) Obama
source     source     source

As previously reported Obama’s wife ‘Michael’ Obama had hot homosexual sex at a Motel 6 in Houston, Texas with child rapist NAZI German George W. BushFRAUDScherff in which both were doing crystal meth three hours after the NAZI German daddy Bush-Scherff FAKE funeral.

In closing remember that it was then Vice President now DULY ELECTED now inaugurated United States President Albert Gore Jr. that saved Ambassador Leo Wanta’s life in Sayre, Oklahoma in 1998 when the NAZI Bush-Clinton-Kenneth Starr-Larry Nichols-Brett Kavanaugh Crime Cartel were trying to kill Wanta.

That clearly is the main reason the year 2000 presidential election was stolen using BRITISH Galileo satellite interfaced with Russian Sputnik satellite that flipped votes in five (5) states.

A NASA/NORAD audit of the year 2000 presidential election confirmed Al Gore won by over four (4) million popular votes and 324 Electoral College votes.

The supreme law of the United States, our U.S. Constitution, mandates the duly elected president serve a four year term.

Again, 28th Amendment Application continues. All 21st century presidential elections are now de-certified and Albert Gore Jr. of Carthage, Tennessee remains the DULY ELECTED now inaugurated  President of the United States of America.

FREEDOM can only be regained with the blood of tyrants.

It is now total Thomas Jefferson Declaration.

Stay tuned to this website for Final Battle Instructions which will come directly from the Jackson County, Tennessee state militia and the 5th Michigan Flag Officers.


At this hour I am being threatened and censored by 'Deep State' trolls.
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