May 17, 2022

πŸ™…‍♀️⚔️πŸ•Š️ ~ (We're not out of the woods yet...But) Earth Alliance, Galactic Guides of Peace and Durham is Ready to Expose it All! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: BREAKING - Russia to cut electricity to Finland from Saturday: supplier... Ben Harnwell called it- Turkey says nooooooo to Finland and Sweden... A group of serious computer hackers, allegedly based in Russia, have publicly announced they will commence a “Global internet attack” against the US, UK, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Romania, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland and Ukraine. It is not yet known WHEN such attack will commence... I do not care if it's Trump and his E.T. friends, Durham or Winnie-the-Pooh, we need some assistance to deal with the last stand of the Cabal on prison-planet Earth. Although politically neutral, Sweden maintained close ties with Finland during WWII. It was a Rothschild funded war and Denmark, was, invaded as a stepping stone to Norway, as the Germans needed the Aalborg airfield to provide air support for their landings in southern Norway. Like Sweden, was probably as neutral as it could be, given that it was dependant on coal imports from Occupied Europe. But Swedish firms, such as Bofors, were not allowed to supply weapons or military goods to Germany but did it anyway, like Danish firms. The Killing of Olof Palme, middlemen involved in the corrupt Bofors scandal of the 1980s were responsible for his killing together with CIA, as rumors has it. Nothing is what it seems and history books are 99% fake and wrong... Now is the End of the World.. of Darkness... |


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