May 3, 2022

✨ ~ 💓 ('We're In A War; Spiritual- and Digital Multi-Dimensional Warfare ~ Nyla) AMAZON SHARES PLUNGE, GERMANY UPDATE, TWITTER EXPOSED FOR CORRUPTION, FORMER MYANMAR EX-LEADER SE (3D to 5D Consciousness) 💕 ~ | Blogger: Besides some good intel and updates about takedown of The Cabal-system (and their henchmen) from Nyla Nguyen. One, of the takes SoTW got from listen to the latest by Janine and JeanClaude was, that the alternative news website called "Real Raw News", shows some sought of truth (as I think on SoTW). Perhaps the dates are wrong, so is 'pieces' of the intel, but basically, Janine says, RRN, has some validity. The story below, from RRN, DESTROYING the warehouse of Moderna, matches the Fast & Furious Denmark panic of destroying 1 MILLION Moderna COVID-vaccines, of today! YOU have to remember, when Austria and Denmark eyed an vax-alliance with Israel on coronavirus vaccines in March of 2021, as the VERY first country to PUSH unprecedented DRACONIAN orders and measures on it's populations and vaccinated over 80%. NOW, since then, Austria's ex-chancellor Sebastian Kurz retires from politics, so did Benjamin Netanyahu, he was indicted on charges of breach of trust, bribery and fraud. BUUUTT, Danish PM, remains???. Now, Denmark, is the FIRST country to halt its Covid vaccination program and PM Narendra Modi (part of WH + BRICS + Goldbacked currency) is to meet up with Freemasonic DK-Government? What the heck is goin on?. Denmark, is also going into WAR against Russia, and PRAISES, President (Lord Voldemort) Zelensky, who is gay billionaire "worker ant" front-man for the higher hierarchy of satanical order of entities inside (Dark Overlord of BlackHats). Could also mean, that Denmark, has surrendered, to the WhiteHats... |


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