May 15, 2022

❤️‍🩹🏴‍☠️🔫~ (Well. Here We Go… Again...) 100% Proof False Flag Mass Shooting in NYC April of 2022. May 14 Buffalo Wild-ings. Racially Motivated 10/13 False Flag Shooting? What's Next? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [📿Another prayer of importance goes out to the victims and affected families if it's not a False Flag staged shooting event created by DS, Crisis-actors and Police drill🙏] ... DISCLAIMER: Nobody knows yet if 2022 Buffalo shooting is a Red Flag. But seconds later, "they" gave it a name, it went on Wikipedia and media, went frenzy... It took (truthers) all but 15 seconds of watching the footage on social media of this even in NYC of April 2022... What will it be next? Protests to spread across the globe with a similar message: Black Lives Matter: Burning, looting, violence. Reviewal of George Floyd protests? More Gun-Grabs? More Distraction and Divisions? White supremacists embrace “Race War”? Black Americans need a hate crime bill???... 18 year-old "outsider", Payton S. Gendron of Conklin, a small town in New York's rural Southern Tier, who supposedly praised online the [fake] South Carolina and New Zealand shootings and Twitch streamer his rampage. Are we being Buffaloed? What say ye?... |


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