May 31, 2022

🐍👑⚖️ ~ (We R 99% to 1%. QFS. Removal of Biden team and Queen of England.) CHARLIE WARD WITH ANN VANDERSTEEL THE PAIN IS COMING UPDATES | Blogger: [ 👉SoTW in brackets ()👈] ... This is a BIG update!. Charlie and Ann expose how the pain is coming and Quantum is about to happen very soon!.. I totally agree, something MAJOR has to happen to feel the PAIN in the public (Muggles to wake up)... Why they still talk about snake-venom-theory or COVID in tap water in Spain, beats me!? Other than that, a really good show... Apparently "they" have put everything on stand-by and ready for Queens funeral according to Charlie and the 10 days of (darkness) as the protocol for "Operation London Bridge" . The 10 days is also a perfect cover for the whole transition + (artificial plumped up like Gold / Silver suppressed) Energy/Food crisis and QFS (as Simon says is ready in all world banks - just push the bottom). China is already gold-backed (so is Russia and other BRIC countries)... There's a lot more... |

SoTW statement

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