May 29, 2022

😡‍πŸ’«⚡ ~ (Oh Wauw!) That makes sense (Miscellaneous SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Btw, I really had a demonic attack (nightmare) last night. It was sooo real. It's not the first time. Last few days, weeks I've been so sad and spiritual exhausted and dizzy, every day when I had to sleep. It all started when I visited my family and after a fall while running and hurt my ribs, badly... If, if, it was a one of those so-called "4D-entities" who acts like parasites, often completely unbeknownst to their host. Some people have a visual psychic ability that permeates into the 4th density and are able to 'see' them, reporting all sorts of descriptions, shapes and sizes. People commonly mention tentacles or hooks that leech on to a persons energy field. My nightmare was about a (dark) Queen like entity was following me and harassing and me asking, why she/he was on my tail and making me sad - no reply. (perhaps because I always hit on DDFO-Daisy and Queen-Lizzie) I finally saw a face and that was my old danish/polish ex-girlfriend to my bio-daughter, Isabella, who completely cut ties to me (her father) and my ex is indescribably evil in the spirt and nature - I'll always known that to be true (just ask my family). After she reveal herself to me, I woke up and I was sooooo angy. I used Archangel Michael as protection and more decree and declare, REIKI, during the night and it always, helps - sending them into the light... Imagine if Princess Diana ❤️ was a live and came out from the shadows leading UK or USA as Queen... |

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