May 26, 2022

🔴🔮🧙‍♀️ ~ (Making Waves: Janine is back. NDA's, Truthers 'break' before the BIG BANG!) LIVESTREAM: TAROT READINGS BY JANINE & JeanClaude @ BeyondMystic ~ | Blogger: (this is part of what JM and JC are talking about in the show) 🤔- Is it Truth that Simon, Phil, Charlie and DC, are close to "GOD", as they claim, to be? Meaning, having directly intel or interviewing people, close to Trump and Co., WhiteHats, off-worlders AKA "the powers that be" (TPTB)?... ⏸️20th of May 2022, Simon (SP) Phil Godlewski and others, told us, that "they" would take a pause from the world scene. Strangely enough, SP kept posting stuff on his blog, so did DC (Dinar Chronicles) and nothing happened to my favorite intel providers!... 🧳Incidentally, it all lined up at the exactly same time, Janine (JM) and Ashley went on a road-trip and so did SoTW, meeting my family (going dark)... 👂Rumors are going wild that both Janine + JeanClaude (JC) has some NDA's they have signed and part of (SP + Phil + Dr. Charlie YT or truthers group)... 🙅‍♀️That is not true, JM and JC are not part any group, they're "lone-wolfs" like SoTW, getting intel from the Universe and other (truthers).⚠️ However, JC was approached by (friend) about a warning about NDA a month ago and a three-letter agency, to connect with JM and JC... 🤳As I told you on on January of this year, if, April of 2022, didn't have some great endings in movies history, I would do something else, with my life...🧹Sooo here we are, with an (Cabal-Cleanup) Russo-Ukrainian War + (fake) 2022 monkeypox outbreak + (as-per-design) Davos False Flag mass-shootings + 2,000 Mules offers vivid proof of vote fraud and we're getting sooo close to mass-media's announcement of Queen-Lizzie death. Not to mention, CCP-Biden's defeat (according to my higher self)... 🧼We strongly need to cleanse the 1000 yrs of evil energy from the UK monarchy and Americans fake presidency, so the rest of the world, will wake up... 🌉I mean, I really need to believe in that, before feeling the urge to jump off a "bridge" (of London)... 😵‍💫Why is spiritual awakening so painful? One of the most common physical signs of spiritual awakening is fatigue and frustrations. This usually happens after you feel all the intense symptoms. Besides the negative thoughts from the collective-consciousness, your body has gone through a lot and now it needs time to rest and recalibrate. Don't worry, this feeling of exhaustion won't last... 🙏Stay strong and keep the Spirit soaring High... |


Simon Parkes Official 

I am taking a few days off while a few things play out on the world stage :-)

The Dinar Chronicles will also be on vacation for a few days.

Some of your favourite intel providers have quite by chance also booked their vacation same time as me.

I look forward to re - connecting in a few days.




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