May 12, 2022

⚖️❌πŸ—³️ ~ (1997 Mules More2Go...) “Catching-Corona” or “Self-isolating due to COVID 19” means “Baddies” been Arrested (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: DID YOU SEE THAT? Pope Francis in a wheelchair, can barely walk and Queen's Platinum Jubilee might be the VERY END for Queen-Lizzie slow-motion abdication misses the traditional ceremony, at a disorderly moment for Britain. Expect to see more of Prince Charles.... 2 HUGE RED FLAGS???... (Livestream 50 minute marker) w/Janine and JeanClaude pulled cards on the SPACE Arks + Crimson-Red-Skies in Chinese Port City. What she said was, on both incidents (space arks + red skies) it's about changing frequencies or cleanup of energies, lack of things that was missing in our atmosphere that was "misfunctioning" on Earth. The RED skies in China was a balancing act, and we should expect more weird lightnings and strange weather, says Janine. TheWhiteHats, have been working on this, for a really looong time, says Janine (could be chemtraling, HAARP and stuff!?!) PS: reminds on the movie "Total Recall", when Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger), knew how to liberate the atmosphere but the villains have erased his memory... 2ND RED FLAG?... We go on to something more disturbing, unless, WH's has taken over W.H.O. As you know WHO is controlled by CCP and they are wanting to dissolve 193 countries of their sovereignty. Joe Biden + Canada signing over and other countries, May 22-28 2022... |


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