Apr 2, 2022

🤫⚗️💻 ~ (WATCH) CBS News reports on the Biden family corruption scandal — including a federal investigation into the Biden family's foreign business deals (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: As long as the Russo-Ukraine war (special operations) is ongoing, nothing will happen, but what about after?... As you know, the legendary gangster Al Capone was convicted of tax evasion and finally jailed on June 16, 1931. Buuutt, not because of involvement in selling liquor, not because his drug cartel or as ruthless gangster responsible for murdering or ordering the assassinations of scores of people, and his contemptible acts of violence remain at the center of his legacy... What I'm saying is, that WHEN not IF, Hunter and Joe Biden goes down, (part of WH game play), We, The People, will not be allowed to know all the TRUTH! Hunter and "Biden crime family" corruption scandal is a fact, but we will not know about it, in details! Not about the whole Pedophilia business, drug use, Hunter and other US politicians sons, are serving as directors to Ukraine's energy and or gas producers or Biden family involved in murder, funding deadly biolabs, freemasonry etc. etc. Why? As my Higher Self told me and what the White-Hat off-worlders are saying, people can't handle the truth! It would create immunological consequences of trauma and shock and people would mass suicide if they knew, their beloved Royal Queen or King, celeb or head of catholic church, is a fraud! When Queen-Lizzie dies, we will not be told, she was one of the BIGGEST and evilest reptilian shapeshifters or Spider Queens in HUman history! Neither, will we be told, that the present Pope is not real, like Queen-Lizzie, has left the earth plane, years ago!. As you know, the "black pope" was the most powerful man in the world (Jesuits Superior General). His name is Adolfo Nicolas and the second in the throne is the white pope Pope Francis. Ghislaine Maxwell will not expose names of VIP Pedophiles in public, Will Smith, is already dead and DDFO-Daisy, is born a boy, later had a sex change... PS: There's HOPE! When StarLink is up and running, Delta forces took over mountain of EBS, Trump's Truth Social and MxM News, we will have more TRUTH, than ever... |


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