Apr 20, 2022

🏳️🍿❌ ~ ('Over 100 Countries Placed on High Alert') Restored Republic via a GCR (DC) ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... Honestly, I have a veeery hard time to cope with some of the stuff below... Restored Republic via a GCR by DC is the MOST viewed blogposts, at The Rumor Mill News platform. EVERY single day, they have some INCREDIBLE news, perhaps, not that reliable, especially, about, the RV / GCR / G-NESARA / QFS and Kingdoms of Denmark, is now WHITEHATS and operates with other 16 nations militarily. Which is NOT the case, if You read any MSM news feeds... It's a wishful-thinking-future strategic, to post POSITIVE elements, that has a looong way to come to fruition! Some of it, I truly believe is already here, most are not, and some again, are future aspects. Buuutt, as you know, NOTHING has been shown into the public domain (not yet anyway) to wake up the 98% of the "fastest sleepers" or "Muggles" or "Normies"... 🛐Positive military operations and WhiteHats, please SHOW us, sooner than later, THE TRUTH, so help me God. 'We The People', Truth-movement and spiritual organizations, are laughing stock to our families, friends, coworkers, as influencers, bloggers, healers etc. Yes, i'm a bit impatience. As long as the Lame Stream Media is controlled by TheBlackHats, it's hard to convince, anybody... |


Restored Republic via a GCR as of April 19 + 20, 2022


Compiled Wed. 20 April 2022 12:01 am EST by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, Therapist ret, Journalist, Author: “Twenty Two Faces: inside the extraordinary life of Jenny Hill and her twenty two multiple personalities.

Over 100 Countries Placed on High Alert

Be Prepared for the Biggest Stock Market Crash in History, Activation of the Emergency Broadcast System, World’s Largest Sting Operation, Military Tribunals, Martial Law, Mass Arrests, Ten Days of Disclosure by the Mainstream Media and a Global Currency Reset of 210 nations to gold/asset-backed currency that traded at a 1:1 with each other.

The Armor of Light

Judy Note:

  • “In view of the EBS-military tribunals, I urge all Americans to prepare for Martial Law. Active military could be on the streets in key locations, with the government attempting to maintain authority during this transitional period- Operation Warp Speed. These measures are intended for immediate impact after the EMS.” …John F. Kennedy, Jr. 19th VP Restored Republic
  • World’s Largest Sting Operation and Biggest Stock Market Crash in History was Imminent. Over 100 Countries have been placed on High Alert.
  • General Flynn will lead The Storm of 17 nations’ Militaries for the world’s biggest Military Coup ever.
  • According to Bruce, Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) would be notified to set exchange/redemption appointments late Wed. 20 April and would be at appointments starting Thurs. 21 April.
  • The gold-backed USN would be trading on the international market by Wed. 20 April.
  • By Sun. 1 May the Global Currency Reset to gold/asset-backed currency of 210 nations would be in effect, with the general public receiving new international rates.
  • Since March 2022 Med Beds have been in use in Germany and were expected to be made available around the world in the very near future.
  • Beginning Wed. 20 April Mass Media news stations were expected to air Disclosures for the next ten days. If not, they would lose their licenses.
  • CNN has lost funding and fired their long time CFO.
  • The world will then function under US Military Law until new and transparent Free Elections can be held in various countries, plus those to be in charge have trained in concepts of the Original Constitution of 1776.
  • The 17 Nation Militaries included the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, Germany, Finland, Poland, France, Spain, Croatia, Romania, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, North Korea and Holland.

Global Currency Reset:

  • Charlie Ward: GESARA/NESARA is happening this weekend.
  • MarkZ: There are a number of Bond Dealers and Bankers who are looking for Sunday Night into Monday 17-18 April for things to start happening. Redemption Center contacts say that they are on call this weekend but should plan on working Monday 18 April. They will be notified Sunday 17 April afternoon around noon to let them know if they are working or not on Monday 18 April.”
  • Bruce: Notification for Tier 4B (us, the Internet Group) to receive the Secured Website to set Redemption/ Exchange Appointments was said to be Mon. 18 April or Tues. 19 April. Tier 4B Foreign Currency Exchanges and Zim Bond redemption was expected to start Tues. 19 April or Wed. 20 April and continue through the rest of the month.
  • By Sun. 1 May the Global Currency Reset to gold/asset-backed currency of 210 nations was expected to be announced. If so, by Mon. 2 May the general public could exchange currencies at the new International Rates.

Med Beds:

  • Japan: The Med Bed works. They delivered the beds in December 2021 to Tokyo. It was introduced at the Utsunomiya Brain and Spinal Center, and the first ZAP case was successfully treated on March 16, 2022. Some have also been delivered to Canberra & Sydney. The Zap Surgical is 1 of 3 types. I do know they reverse all Vaccine damage. Autism and the like too.
  • See Elekta Cyber Attack. Radiation Therapy shutdown. See Queensland & Victorian Hospitals Cyber Attacked. All Elective Surgeries permanently stopped.
  • Google Hospitals, Elective Surgeries, Elekta Cancer Treatments. Zapsurgical.com Three types of Med Beds. Will also be Celestial Chambers eventually too.
  • ZAP Surgical to Bring World-Class Brain Tumor Treatments to Rural German Hospital: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/zap-surgical-to-bring-world-class-brain-tumor-treatments-to-rural-german-hospital-301006179.html
  • Zap X Gyroscopic Radio Surgery System, Miaineuro Science Center. We provide treatments for a variety of diseases such as tumors, lesions and neurological conditions in the brain and neck using the Zap-X Gyroscopic radio-surgery system. https://miamineurosciencecenter.com/en/services/zap-x-radiosurgery-system/
  • We have been using this Zap device in Germany since 2020. A friend now has an appointment at the end of April for the removal of a brain tumor. It him 7000 euros, the health insurance does not cover the surgery. But no one can help. Many such cases could already be helped. It is not the medbed many expect, but it is a forerunner of medbeds. Special target area are head tumors that otherwise can not be removed. The treatment is gentle for the patient. There are already videos on Youtube from the clinic in Lingen. Greetings from Germany to all.

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