Apr 15, 2022

🌋🌪️🌊~ ('No east-coast disasters nukes or flooding: TBH has no Weather Manipulations 'Toys' left excepts the Media and 'Lies' is their 'Grand Weapons' ~ Brad) New Earth Insights - Ep #25: eather Manipulation Technology & Viewer Q&A ~ | Blogger: REMEMBER La Palma volcano: 🤭Actually, Brad Johnson, is making a HUUUGE joke about peoples fear and for a good reason... 😱If you ask Dane Wigington, he still believe that TBH possesses "Planet Killing Technologies", but he also are making a living of his work... ⚒️HOWEVER, TheBlackHats (TBH) had at one time, Thors Hammer of Physical Powers Superior to other Asgardian gods with EISCAT is the HAARP of Scandinavia, Directed Energy Weapons (DEW - California fires), The Black Knight Satellites, "Rods from God" strange Super Space Weapon and the Dark Fleet within SSP, if you ask me on SoTW. 😐We've all heard, that TBH cannot HURT any Earthlings or Mother GAIA with any of that technologies anymore, buuut, not all Weapon Manipulations devices has been taken away from TBH, because they have sooo many Evil Lairs of hidden Islands, DUMBs and HAARP facilities, all over this planet... 🙏SORRY TO SAY THIS, my Higher-Self, told me last week, looking into "natural disaster" that will affect New York City, Norway and England, by Iceland Earthquake, creates a tsunami and floods in December of 2022! It will be called worse than 9/11 (Don't shoot the messenger). 🌎SoTW have no control of what my H-S sees into the future that of course could be deflected by TheWhiteHats counter-forces. But, my H-S talks about "natural disasters" and that's a entire other topic and could rely to 3D Earth shifting into 5D Earth, whether you believe is true or not that 3D Earth and 5D Earth exist as two different but complete earths at the same time oooor 3D Earth and 5D Earth are shifting one to another like a snowshoe hare changes the color of its fur as it goes from winter to spring.... |

'Shanghai soon to be liberated. NO MORE evil effects of Chemtrails in the skies - neutralized by off-worlders within 3-5 months of 2022. Through MSM AKA Mass-Media, TBH are going to threating people with nuclear weapons, floods, earthquakes, volcanos. 2021 Cumbre Vieja volcanic eruption that many people though was the end-of-the-world was deflected by outside influence AKA off-worlders. The 'Mega-Tsunami' was supposed to flood the whole eastern cost of America, Canada and perhaps, end the Northern Hemisphere but was all fear-porn. Just like, Possible False Flag Event on April 18, 2022: ~ Brad

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