Apr 5, 2022

😵‍💫🧟 ~ (If You KNOW you KNOW!) Klaus Schwab's Puppet Young Global Mind-Controlled Leaders - Real or Cloned - Revealed (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉WEF Klaus Schwab & Ida Auken: In 2030, You'll Own Nothing And Be Happy About It👈] ... A freedom-fighter-warrior-of-truth are listing all World Economic Forums 'YGL' from the 1993 class - apparently the first of it's kind. About 200 participants who have proven to include 12 prime ministers, 3 presidents, a chancellor and a prince.... AND YES, at a later class of 2012, your beloved, Her Royal Highness the Crown Princess of Denmark, is among them! Princess Mary of Denmark is also WHO Patron / among Regional Directors for Europe in 2005. She has also prompted toxic Coronavaccines to the Worlds children that has crippled or killed thousands upon thousands of people!.. Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden Crown, Prince Haakon of Norway & Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark is also YGL... As you know, Crown Prince Frederik, has held secret meetings with defense chiefs in a secret lodge disclosed in 2020, which can be compared to freemason DDFO-meetings to receive sensitive information on internal conditions in the defense. Makes you wonder if he has something to with the escalations of EU, NATO's wish of a WIII in the Russo-Ukraine war... As always, please use your own spiritual discernment. Do your own research... |

Obama & Zuckerberg rigged the 2020 election!? 

The Comedian President Zelensky acknowledges the existence and the integration of the AZOV NAZI BATTALION as a part of the Ukrainian Military!!

From different classes of YGL - H.K.H. Crown Princess Mary, Lea Wermelin, Ida Auken, Viktor Orbán, Emmanuel Macron, Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau, Mark Zuckerberg, Angela Merkel, Tony Blair, Nicolas Sarkozy, Bono, Richard Branson (Virgin), Jorma Ollila (Shell Oil), José Manuel Barroso: 

In 1992, Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum launched a program initially called Global Leaders of Tomorrow. In 2004, this program was turned into the Forum for Young Global Leaders! The aim was – and is – to find suitable future leaders for the emerging global society. The program has since its inception has included politicians, business leaders, royalty, journalists, performers and other cultural influencers who have excelled in their fields but have not yet turned 40 years of age..

Already in the first year, 1992, a number of highly influential candidates were elected. Among 200 selected were global profiles such as Angela MerkelTony BlairNicolas SarkozyBill GatesBonoRichard Branson (Virgin), Jorma Ollila (Shell Oil), and José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission 2004–2014).[1]

More examples of influential Young Global Leaders [2]:

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden
Crown Prince Haakon of Norway
Crown Prince Fredrik of Denmark
Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, Netherlands
Princess Reema Bint Bandar Al-Saud, Ambassador for Saudi-Arabia in USA
Jacinda Arden, Prime Minister, New Zeeland
Alexander De Croo, Prime Minister, Belgium
Emmanuel Macron, President, France
Sanna Marin, Prime Minister, Finland
Carlos Alvarado Quesada, President, Costa Rica
Faisal Alibrahim, Minister of Economy and Planning, Saudi Arabia
Shauna Aminath, Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology, Maldives
Ida Auken, MP, former Minister of Environment, Denmark (author to the infamous article “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better”)
Annalena Baerbock, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Leader of Alliance 90/Die Grünen, Germany
Kamissa Camara, Minister of the Digital Economy and Planning, Mali
Ugyen Dorji, Minister of Domestic Affairs, Bhutan
Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Canada
Martín Guzmán, Minister of Finance, Argentina
Muhammad Hammad Azhar, Minister of Energy, Pakistan
Paula Ingabire, Minister of Information and communications technology and Innovation, Rwanda
Ronald Lamola, Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, South Africa
Birgitta Ohlson, Minister for European Union Affairs 2010–2014, Sweden
Mona Sahlin, Party Leader of the Social Democrats 2007–2011, Sweden
Stav Shaffir, Leader of the Green Party, Israel
Vera Daves de Sousa, Minister of Finance, Angola
Leonardo Di Caprio, actor and Climate Activist
Mattias Klum, photographer and Environmentalist
Jack Ma, Founder of Alibaba
Larry Page, Founder of Google
Ricken Patel, Founder of Avaaz
David de Rothschild, adventurer and Environmentalist
Jimmy Wale, Founder of Wikipedia
Jacob Wallenberg
, Chairman of Investor
Niklas Zennström, Founder of Skype
Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook.... 


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