Apr 12, 2022

🔴🃏🔮 ~ ('Marine Le Pen' back-deals with WH towards a better world - maybe to be trusted!?! Clinton is dead - infight to publish to people and Dr. Fauci is WH.') LIVESTREAM: TAROT READINGS BY JANINE & JeanClaude @ BeyondMystic (TBJ) ~ | Blogger: ONCE again folks - WHO DO YOU TRUST???... ONLY take in what resonate with your own Inner Belief System and leave everything else out, until you're ready, to consume more! That is SoTW motto... Sorry to hear that Janine and her YouTube channel was demonetized, but JeanClaude will now raise the prices on his channel because of Cabal's inflation and ask people for more payments in the "PAYPAL TIP JAR"? What is that all about? - begging for money? - WTF!. Sorry, I do like Janine, but I got "triggered" after I put all my money into C.O.B.R.A. R.M. - spiritual organization and have no clue, where all the money went into... I have personally had a deep conversation with "Tolec" in 2015 at a US conference (Andromeda Council - Dakote, star system - Taygeta, constellation). And got my first intuitive understanding about Nordic Alien Ancestors. You might compare him to Alex Collier - I have also meet him IRL too and I truly like them both. Anyways, Tolec says, like Alfred Webre, they have exposed the so-called ET Swaruu, in 2018/2019, warned us in videos, that the Spanish / English speaking woman youtuber by "Cosmic Agency" is full of (crap) AKA COSMIC AGENCY WITH GOSIA. Buuut, Janine and JeanClaude also invite Megan Rose, which i like on SoTW, that Dr Salla and Elena Denaan says, is an imposter. And I personally do not like Clif High, after some really nasty infight with James Gilliland, which I appreciate and trust personally and a bit tired of Max Igan, and his negative spin of thoughts... Btw, what the heck happened to Simon Parkes?? - no new CC updates, only sponsor video's and blogposts saying, "Don't lower your guard, this war is far from over!!!" - how depressing is that? Leader of an spiritual organization of 100K and no new positive declarations, only negativity like Mr. Fulford also makes it clear, that the struggle is far from over and KM is still, very powerfull... And here I naively though that April of 2022, was a MAJOR gamechanger, but do not give up - wait until you hear my Higher-Self predications or prophecies - coming up in next blogpost - and it's free of charge, everything is on Verdensalt.dk... |


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