Mar 10, 2022

📯😮‍💨 ~ (Up next: Global food crisis, Internet and Bank black out?) Stage Two Of Mass Psychosis TAKING HOLD (TheCovidWorld) ~ | Blogger: [👉Russian govt Maria Vladimirovna Zakharova, told the United States on Wednesday, “We have found your biological weapons!” - meaning: The Russians obtained the Deep State’s biological weapons.👈] .. (SoTW outside this report) - All due condolences to the innocent Ukrainians and Russians suffering this conflict, but I just can't view this event as being isolated from the primary Globalist project of this century - the Dark Alliance Agenda for the 21st Century or part of the 'GREAT RESET' or Earth Alliance 'GREATER RESET'?... 💫THINGS WE KNOW IN PUBLIC💫... 🤜Russia eyes sanctions workarounds in energy, gold, crypto... 🤜Right now, global food giants to stop advertising and investing in Russia. Every single major global enterprise are forced closing business with Russia or face the RAGE from public eye or Cabal countries. EXCEPTION is Maersk Shipping company (the company rumored conducted human trafficking) ... 🤜We can ascertain, since Russo-Ukraine (special operations) started, and they found all biolabs, big mafia's hideouts and some of the Chernobyl's 190 metric tons of uranium, that we are in a major Cabal WAR!... 🤜Secretly, Denmark, is already at war with Russia, like many other (Cabal) countries. PM on the way to Poland to visit Danish NATO soldiers and NATO Headquarters Multinational Corps North East... 🤜Inflation rate, hits highest level since 1982 as CPI spiked 7%... 🤜Petrol at fresh record as oil and gas prices soar... 🤜Venezuela defend their oil from Biden... 🤜Biden just put out an executive order on cryptocurrencies. Russia then joins Chinas global payment system, possible gold-backed Ruble and preparing to close western Internet... ✨THINGS WE DONT KNOW IN PUBLIC✨... 🤜US and world citizens continue to raise money for Ukraine people and make sure it goes to the people, not the Government... 🤜DC Truckers close in on DC - Washington, deserted, could DC's secret tunnels be in use for safety reasons?... 🤜Pfizer files form 25 delisting from NYC STOCK EXCHANGE... 🤜We know many foreign drugs companies located in Kiev, Ukraine. Just like many Ireland’s status as tax haven for tech firms like Google, Facebook, and Apple is ending... 🤜Pfizer and Moderna have admitted in federal submissions that their mRNA injections are genetic therapy... 🤜Its confirmed, that Ukrainian soldier filmed by resident laying a bottle of incendiary explosive on a kid’s playground to organize a false flag on peaceful targets... 🤜Russia says claim it bombed children's hospital is 'fake news'... 🤜Bibi has Covid! Q says saving Israel for last... 🤜A worldwide Blackout was part of the US Space Force Trump Card. It should be a quick change over to Tesla Free Energy to provide power for the Emergency Broadcast System. The Blackout would be followed by Ten Days of Disclosure: 3 x 8hr Movies running 24/7 for 10 days in many languages... |

Sanity is the antidote to psychosis. Flex yours!!

The COVID World post date: March 8th, 2022

By Dylan Charles

It wasn’t but a week ago that our future looked brighter than it had in the last two years. The mandates were lifting and science was finally switching teams to join the side of rationality.


But now, within just a few short days, all of those armchair virology experts, who told you that your healthy, un-vaccinated body is a deadly threat to those who double mask and have already taken 3-4 doses of the experimental jab, have just become overnight experts in foreign policy and the mind of Vladimir Putin. Too bad they won’t be becoming experts in history as well.

I won’t comment much on the fact that the fervor being whipped up around Ukraine is ominously duplicitous and phony, because when you look at how people have reacted, or NOT-reacted, to the ongoing genocide in Yemen, the devastation of Libya and Syria, and the catastrophic occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, you see that public zeal only flows where mainstream media goes. (Disclaimer: My firm position is that the Ukraine invasion is terrible, cruel, evil, insane, heartbreaking, depressing, and worse, but that’s because I’m experienced at being anti-war and at recoiling at the actions of the state… whichever state.)

For anyone who refuses to let said mainstream media live rent-free in their mind, it’s easier than ever to see just how little original, critical thought takes place between the ears of the average Joe CNN watcher. It’s called mind control, and the chief symptom is parroting ideas that aren’t yours about issues that don’t concern you. It’s cultish. And often psychotic.

Now, psychosis in an individual is an interesting thing to witness.

I’ve seen it a few times in my work with shamanic plant medicines, and to be honest, it’s quite scary. Sometimes in that setting, people lose grip on reality, and what invariably happens is that some repressed part of their shadow self crawls its way up to the command center and takes the helm. It’s phenomenal because when this happens it’s always shadow. People don’t slip into psychosis and start acting like The Dalai Lama.

Psychosis as a collective condition is downright terrifying.

This is a whole different animal, and it’s the stuff that history is made of. When mass psychosis takes hold in a society, the most human qualities of people are churned under as the collective shadow comes out raging. When this switch is flipped in the hive mind, humans commit the most heinous of atrocities. It’s a mind virus that spreads like wildfire.

While there are certainly plenty of historical examples, when writing this Rwanda was the first horror that came to mind for me.

A few years back, a survivor of the 1995 Rwandan genocide came to speak at my son’s school. His presentation was gripping and eloquent, and also completely shocking. He spoke of how the psychosis took over in a very short time, infecting everyone with an invisible wave of madness.

He told the story of escaping from a locked building that had been set on fire by Hutu gangs who feverishly hacked to death anyone who jumped out of the windows. He was lucky to have escaped that, and at one point in his flight for refuge, he came to a blood red river with an endless mass of floating, bloated corpses. He can still see the image when he closes his eyes.

In a period of around 100 days, an estimated 500,000 to 800,000 Tutsis, moderate Hutus, and members of other ethnic minority groups were massacred. This event is both unique and relevant here because of the role that media played in inciting and sustaining the violence.

“Radio became a powerful weapon used to incite and direct the Rwandan genocide…What I found especially interesting about the content of these broadcasts (the transcripts of which can be found in the IMI organizational records and the audiotapes of which can be found in the Rwandan Videotapes and Audiotapes inventory) was the way in which its efforts to direct the extermination of the Tutsi population was paralleled by its efforts to claim authority over the telling of history. The radio broadcasts reveal a struggle over who gets to tell history and, therefore, a struggle over a monopoly on truth. In other words, the RTLM broadcasts exhibit a phenomenon which seems to be more universally true, which is the political necessity of storytelling.” 

Mass media-induced mass psychosis, driven by a media monopoly on the narrative, the story. This is a very real phenomenon at play in our world at this very moment. Plus, we’re building on the insanity of the last two years… and this time a war is at stake. A very big war.

If this psychosis takes hold, all of the standard Orwellian language will apply, and nothing will matter but victory and the health of the state. There will be no place for the undecided, the preoccupied, or the objectors. No gray area will be permitted. Everyone will be required to pick a team. This is already happening.

We’re already in a situation where many people have abandoned their own sense of personal authority and forfeited it to the uncensored ‘experts.’ Many among us have already proven they are ready to punish we non-conformists by excluding us, disrupting our lives, segregating, discriminating, ostracizing, criticizing, condemning, blaming and othering us. Throwing war fever on this isn’t going to help. It’s just going to fatten the tidal wave of psychosis coming at us.

I don’t need a team, especially when all the teams are insane and suicidal, and this makes me unique. It’s a dangerous position, but unique, and I like uniqueness, and I prefer it 1,000,000 to 1 over conformity. But that’s just me. I’m totally OK with having zero affinity for Putin, while at the same time holding zero allegiance to America’s provocative foreign policies.

I’d love to see cool heads prevail, but it feels like we are careening toward inevitability, and for people like you and I, our sacred role is to maintain composure and to set the example for anyone out there who can take our courage and use it to rekindle their integrity and individuality.

So, as the world turns and human beings keep doing what human beings do, I ask you to ponder your individuality in all of this. When you remove the madness of the herd, what is your life really about?

Sanity is the antidote to psychosis. Flex yours.

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