Mar 11, 2022

🏥⛑️😨🏴‍☠️ ~ (Unfreaking Believable!) Facebook allows posts on Ukraine war calling for violence against 'Russian invaders'! Mariupol children's hospital bombing one of many attacks on medical facilities since Russian invasion, WHO says (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: MARCH 11, 2022 Everything will change (11:11 or 22:22)... Truth or no truth - All warfare is based on deception... Ohhh man! Instead of all the HATERISM and NEGATIVE ENERGY that are feeding the henchmen Cabal, Archons serve the Overlord, we need to laugh so hard in these so-called "emotional and depressing" Fake-False-Flag times if you watch the MSN media (with all due respect to the refugee crisis and "real" people dead or injured) Like Janine (by Tarot) said in her (carwash) video and Patel/Clif High get ready for the spiritual "Chaaaange". It's been in the 'algorithms' or world energy field for a looooong long time now and everyone ready to suddenly burst out "Surprise". Perhaps not the 25-30% of the "fastest sleepers" as SoTW calls them, but the rest of us, is sooooo ready!. I frankly can't take anymore of this BUUULSHIT (sorry my French)! My "subconscious" (ego, defenses and denial), AKA "End-of-life care" is OVER and DONE with! My "conscious or conscience", awake for at least 20 years now or more! Back in 1986, when I meet a Guru from India, awaken me in to Kriya Yoga, and spiritual teachers, ever sense, I was partly blocked and not ready (to young and only thinking about getting laid)! After 2012, we all though; THIS IS IT! Buuuut noooo sirree! We had to wait until 2019 and the Coronacrisis and now we're in 2022 and NOTHING in the public domain of positive nature are showing, that could convince the "naysayers or nonbelievers!". Think about it! If children's hospital in Mariupol was (partly) a White Hat op, CNN and Fox news it now overtaken by the "good guys" how the bloody heck is it been allowed, to be shown, on fake-tv as a FALSE FLAG happenings in Ukraine!. Part of the "show"?. Enough already!. Both QTrumpers, Earth Alliance military might, off-worlders, god almighty and WhiteHats; come out of the SHADOWS! We need you NOW!. The Saturn-Moon-Matrix grid - the Frequency of Satan is GONE! Moon-Mars-bases has been liberated! Spider Kings/Queens taken out! The vast majority of the physical exotic weaponry among physical antigravity scalar weapons was removed by the Resistance until 2004! All this structure will fall apart when the exotic weapons of the Chimera group are removed and therefore their mechanisms of planetary control dissolved. All of Overlord Archons, those influenced / possessed / taken over by the parasite but are actively controlling HUmanity has been annihilated! What are we waiting for? The Space Arks to show up?. More people to wake up?... |


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