Mar 25, 2022

๐Ÿšธ๐Ÿ•ณ️☣️ ~ (Largest tunnel system in the world paid by EU, USA, DS hotbed for human trafficking) Phil Godlewski 3-23-22 (on… “The Chernobyl Truth” [Rumble VIDEO link added] ( ~ | Blogger: As Phil are saying - UKRAINE - has the LARGEST and or LONGEST underground tunnel system in the world. Way more than USA and Germany, build under nazitimes. Ukraine is heaven for Child Sex Trafficking and Biolabs etc.! There's one from Port of Odessa (Odesa) a straight line goes all the way to Chernobyl (Chornobyl, Kyiv Oblast) 600 km. (SoTW) have been in Odessa with my ex-wife, her female friend and Rosa, her baby girl. I have seen some of the most beautiful woman in the world in that city. But I also went visiting Tanja's grandma next to the million dollars city stores highlights, into the contrast of poor streets and Neighborhoods, that looks like something out of this world or USSR 1945's ruins after the wars... PS: All the white lines and dots on the black Ukraine picture, is tunnels... |


Phil Godlewski 3-23-22 (on… “The Chernobyl Truth” [Rumble VIDEO link added] (

Posted on March 24, 2022 by kauilapele

[Kp note: here is the Rumble video link.]

I listened to this one live, very fascinating. He goes into the real reason Ukraine is being “addressed” at this time. And why Chernobyl is a key hub.

Feel free to listen using the audio player below, or download the mp3 (or click to play in a new window).

Here’s a direct link to the show replay (good for 72 hrs. after show started (8PM EDT, 3-23-22):

Points of interest (which I caught):

  • Ukraine is part 1 (of 3) of the takedown of the cabal / deep state
  • Pt 1 = Ukraine, Pt 2 = Taiwan, Pt 3 = Israel
  • Ukraine has more underground tunnels than any other country.
  • Chernobyl, very little radiation, cabal started using as a trafficking hub.
  • EBS is possible this week.
  • Everyone will be given a Q phone.
  • CA will be first state to decertify.
  • Mount Weather (FEMA home of EBS) was indeed taken over by the “good guys” (see this RRN article).


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