Feb 21, 2022

πŸ”₯πŸ’›✨ ~ (Lets Fire the Grid! Misinformation Campaign is Over! This Is the Way!) The Raging Spiritual War & Positive February Angels of 222 Energies (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: First of all I'll had to lay low in the weekend and do some physical and emotional self-service maintenance. Between Solfeggio Frequencies, playing a bit of "Far Cry 6" on my Xbox and watching "Boba Fett". I'm not perfect. Finally got my (Ledger Nano S USB flashdrive) to work again and retrieved my crypto. Took me all day but still on track what's going on in the truth-community. Next is my old NAS-server and this morning I've finally found my glasses behind my couch. It's the smallest things that can make a man happyπŸ’‍♂️. I sleept like 12-13 hours Saturday. No pets, no children (right now) and no girlfriends diverted my attention and re-directed me into the 3-D Matrix of illusion. This is the way! You need to understand I've been doing this kinda spiritual truther work for free, many hours per day, 7 days a week, since 2014. Sometimes it's important to do the simplest things not to be distraught after a 2 year pressure-cooker of negative energies from illuminati's madness and the Corona[Corporation] CV- [AI] Plan[Demic] and continuum Spiritual Wars in the SSP / Truth / UFO communities. And now, this ongoing wishful military-industrial-complex world-wide war by US / NATO against Russia (not gonna happen). But, we are not out of the woods yet. False Flags, Martial Law and or MAJOR lockdown could come our way to activate the QFS-xx-systems (new Financial, new Internet and new Media etc.)! You and me still have to protect ourselves from outside influences (negative energies & entities AKA 'Invisibles.') and keep our aura intact and the inner fragile belief system and divine god and goddess angelic wisdom fired up!. 2 years of INSANE influx of negative energies can't hold!... |

Length of day has increased by 3 hours 4 minutes..

Trump Truth Social Launch 21/2/2022. 

Apple is now on White-Hat-Hands (Janine

Billionaire Trump Donor To Take Over CNN & Turn Into “Fox News Light”!

Queen-Lizzie got the Ronas! 

Canadian woman trampled by police horses tribal leader of the Mohawk Nation is OKAY! 

America’s most controversial pathologist dissects 1963 JFK’s assassination in explosive new book 

'Mary Magdalene and Merovingian bloodlines! Christopher Columbus = Society of Jesuits' (Alex Collier)...  




Here comes the next big date to Fire the Grid, just before the palindrome of 22.02.2022.

On the 21st from 11:07 UTC we just flood the junctures of the grid with high frequencies by being in joy for an hour and saying thank you for it. Anything counts that brings joy: music, dance, playfulness, enjoying a meal or a walk in nature, making love, remembering happy moments, meditation etc.
See more in the videos below.

How Does the Grid Work? (Animation)

Update and Invitation to Fire the Grid Feb 21st, 2022, Truckers, 11:07, Blue Jay Feather, Pandemic

How to Help Now: Five Minutes a Day




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