Feb 13, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (The DeepState agenda and all their Gurus time is over!) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: The so-called "gurus" below is a veeery hard pill to swallow indeed. My former, working as clairvoyant healing, Danish/Polish girlfriend, yes I had a fling with a few different woman around the world, don't ask me why, who's obsessed with Dalai Lama on her FB-wall. He has millions of supporters, like Jaggi Vasudev alias Sadhguru, and there's nothing wrong with that, but be carefull, try avoiding the "Guru-Trap" and trust your inner belief system. It takes years of practice of course - where energy goes focus flows... |

DC GCR & Judy Note:

  • Biden pushes for World War III with Russia over Ukraine.
  • All US utilities companies have been placed on high alert following the tension with Russia.
  • Rail, air and other travel services could close immediately.
  • Hospitals all over the world are being Cyber Attacked.
  • Pfizer has withdrawn its application for approval for COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 5 due
  • Canadian Police Force Truckers to leave, Vaccine Mandate Protestors Arrive on Foot.
  • Senator Rand Paul calls on truckers to blockade the Super Bowl and DC.
  • Present Global Currency Reset the largest transfer of wealth in Planet Earth’s history.
  • 1.95 Million Chinese Communist Party members found embedded in US Government agencies.
  • US Military Raided/Seized CIA Dominion Servers In Germany Tied To 2020 Election Fraud

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