Feb 19, 2022

🙏 ~ 💝 (Dark Hats on the last leg Endtime Madness??) Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: 🤪INSANE TIMES what's goin on right now... 🎢Hang on to something... 😬Okay here we go!... 🔮Janine and (cant remember her name) Friday Deep Dive talks about Super Bowl halftime show and musical industry will drastically change for the better (after new "boss"). Olympics opening ceremony 2022 = CGI or filmed elsewhere NOT Beijing National Stadium but in Switzerland? (Whaaaat?)... 🤣Teenage-predator, Jeppe Kofod, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark DIRECTLY threatens Putin with hard penalties by invasion (Are you kidding me!!)... 🏴‍☠️Simon Parkes says to expect Ukrainian fake flag events from Ukrainian military into the Russian speaking populations (already happening)... 🤫Classified docs found at Trump’s resort and Judge rules Trump must testify in New York investigation (really CNN?)... 💸Rumors of BBVA Bank in France closed and people in panic mode with fire guts Bank of France money printing factory (QFS or Great Reset - who comes first)... 🌬️Denmark in overdrive closing everything down over hysteria of media insanity upscaling a megastorm Eunice AKA Nora that became a storm in a glass of water. Big in UK - nothingburger in DK (go figure)... ⚰️Suspected Epstein associate, French fashion agent Jean-Luc Brunel found, dead in Paris prison (just like Epstein or did he die?)... 😵‍💫du du dudu du du dudu... Twilight zone... |

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