Feb 24, 2022

πŸ’‘πŸ˜Ά‍🌫️ ~ (Corona, Crown, Catherine) Queen is Death & Russia reveals strike targets in Ukraine: Panic Breaks out at House of Windsor! Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton Appointed New Queen Rare Solo Overseas Tour to get Blessed by Mary, New Queen of Denmark!?! (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: The world to SoTW: boy have you lost your mind? Hear me out, kept me awake all night after at "download"... We know for a fact, Buckingham palace boarded up!... We know for a fact, that Donald Trump broke royal protocol by arriving late to meet Queen Elizabeth, failing to bow, and walking in front of her... We know for a fact, that Queen Elizabeth II's 2021 hospitalized after apparent 'infection'. A Facebook user later on, shared a video Nov. 4 2021, with the caption, "Breathing stopped: William cried a lot, British's Queen Elizabeth d-e-ad at age 95."... We know for a fact, Danish (a foreigner Hobart, Tasmania, Australia) Crown Princess Mary was infected with coronavirus, 15 December 2021. Denmark HM The Queen tested positive for COVID-19, Tuesday 8 February 2022. She is out of the loop - meaning (“tested positive for Covid” i.e. been arrested' means that people has been 'processed' by White Hats according to Fulford)... We know for a fact, Prince Charles' wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, also had COVID-19, February 14, 2022. The future Queen Consort of the U.K., in self-isolating... We know for a fact, Prince Charles returns to work after COVID diagnosis, so the media claims. The Metropolitan Police is to investigate claims Prince Charles' charity offered honours help to a Saudi citizen... πŸ€”NOTE: Why are DR (Danish Broadcasting Corporation) showing "Elizabeth I & II: Britain's Golden Queens" on national TV yesterday?... 🀏PS: Honey, I Shrunk my Mom: CHECK OUT the picture of Margrethe II of Denmark below. She is 182 cm in height, Mary is 172 cm and Kate 1.75 m. Not even with highest high heels 7.5-10cm are they able to go above 10-20 cm over Margrethe! (inserted picture or CGI?). Just saying, it could be a "sign" (New Queen(s) is above the old Queen now).. πŸ™PSS: As always, please use your own inner spiritual discernment... |

Princess Mary's a copy-Kate, dressed in Danish Red/White colors, Last Queen Standing!?!

What is wrong with this picture?
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids or was it my Mom?:
CHECK OUT the picture of Margrethe II of Denmark. She is 182 cm in height, Mary is 172 cm and Kate 1.75 m.
The young "Queens" high heels 7.5-10cm should level with 
Margrethe II of Denmark but goes way over Margrethe in height!... 





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