Jan 30, 2022

👩‍🚀🚀🌌 ~ (Semper Supra: 'War in Consciousness with two Factions-Fighting! Do not attack anybody - instant Karma.') Special guest Marina Seren on As You Wish Talk Radio tonight at 8pm PT ~ | Blogger: Oh wauv! She actually look the same as her video-picture - I though it was a artist drawing. Really pretty, like a Pleiadian starseed, almost like a "Nordic alien" (beings with beautiful Nordic features such as blonde hair, blue big eyes, and tall stature etc.). Besides she seems not that Nordic tall, and blue eyed, reminds me and similar to my old Romanian girlfriend on SoTW. But, Emy, a bit older, has dark hair, sweet captivating smile and deep sparkling breathtaking big brown eyes. Emy was set to be and trained as the new Goddesses of Earth, after Cobra RM's old spouse, Isis Astara, Mystery Schools Astara, who was killed, and being from the Sirius star system. Emy, has left the Cobra organization. I can't talk about it, G-Gestapo A.I. will censor me and remove my blogpost.. I have never heard about Marina Seren, but she resonate with me. And we all heard what happened to Megan Rose (and Dr. Salla / Elena D. claims she's a Trojan horse - black hats) true or false, there's so much backstabbing right now in the UFO / SSP or Spiritual communities. Simon Pakers are under extreme pressure from many sources (Jordan Sather, Lin Wood, Janine, Utsava etc.) And i know this, because I have seen all the so-called "hate" telegram messages and I will not go into who, why and what, Genl. Flynn character is all about - it's doomed to failed... |

Rumble — Marina Seren is a psychic medium, channeler, experiencer, ET contactee, experiencer of hybrid programs, Secret Space Program psychic supersoldier/insider, and MK ultra monarch survivor."

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