Jan 29, 2022

⚠️πŸŒͺ️⛆ ~ (The Calm before the Storm) Brace for Impact (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰I haven't seen any urgent mass-meditation on Cobra RM's PFC WLMM for these storms, but International CC member Meditation to raise consciousness, helps me to send out healing prayers to assist people caught in these "man-made" HAARP superstorms or 'natural' made by GodπŸ‘ˆ] ... Dangerous, life-threatening bombogenesis storm to slam New England: 3 feet of snow & up to 90-mph winds, blizzard conditions (strangesounds.com). But according to Meteorologists, they cannot predict the Bomb cyclone's severity, with over 3,000 flights canceled (RT.com). Strange that is, they have announced the Storm Malik in several days now, they know precisely down to hours and minutes, where it will hit, with yellow and amber warnings for 80mph winds issued across Scotland, England and Scandinavia. Denmark has ordered nearly 10,000 men ready for storm protection and assist before, middle and after, the storm, comes (Berlingske.dk).. At least the storm Malik, closes down FEMA/DEMA test and vaccinecenters across Denmark (newsbreak.dk)... China's dams: A ticking time bomb? China floods 60 million people affected; 590 reported dead or missing... 3 days of mobile and Internet darkness? With all the warmongering going on in Ukraine/NATO/US/China and if they drop a EMP-bomb, they can always blame the weather.. Simon says; MSM giving false information regarding American troops, saying they are deploying in Ukraine. This is a total lie, US troops are deploying in Germany, Poland and Lithuania. There is no way Pentagon would sacrifice American lives over Ukraine... |


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