Dec 1, 2021

💙👅❤️ ~ (Spitting out the 'BLUE' Pill) Restored Republic via a GCR as of December 1, 2021 (DC) ~ | Blogger: [👄RUMORS AND GOSSIP REPEATERS👂] ... (SoTW outside this report and why the "SHOW" has to stop!)... 💊What do I mean spitting out the (Matrix) blue pill? Well, DC news (A) headline below is one thing (Believing is Seeing), however, as we speak, U.S. Federal Judge blocks Democrats (blue) China Joe's Frankenstein-Monster-Virus deadly Gene-Therapy-Nanotech (#3) Vaksine "mandate" nationwide, that for some, risk of Heart Inflammation, Myocarditis and Pericarditis (#1 - Placebo, #2 - Vax, #3 - KILL SHOT)...🤔Tell me; why we need to vaccinate 100% healthy children with 99,954% "survival rate" in USA?? China it's 99,99967% Denmark (censored)... 🔮Anyways, a very good crystal ball reading by, Wayne Allyn Root, from INFOWARS (normally don't read that crap, with all due respect) tells us, that The Democrats will demand Harris' resignation, for starters, getting ready to install Clone-Crooked Hitlery, as president of the United States. Controlled by DS ruler, former Pres. Barack Obama, communist billionaire George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party... 🛂Melissa Ciummei, a financial investor from Northern Ireland, has serious concerns that "Corona-Passport" AKA "Injection-Passports" will be used more like "Data-Passports" to control "participation" in society. To bring about a financial reset, replacing our failing fiat currency system... 😡A grinning (cloned) Prince Andrew has been spotted out riding in the UK as his old friend Ghislaine Maxwell’s sex trafficking trial gets under way. In the meanwhile, prosecutors ask U.S. Supreme Court to review the Bill Cosby case, that allowed him to walk free less than three years after he was convicted of assaulting a woman in a high-profile #MeToo case... |

"Almost everything I’ve predicted has come true, including a stolen election based on mail-in voting without voter ID; a communist takeover of the USA based on lockdowns, COVID-19 “public safety” mandates and open borders; and President Joe Biden being a brain-dead puppet with dementia." ~ INFOWARS

Restored Republic via a GCR as of December 1, 2021


A. Headlines for Tues. 30 Nov. 2021:

  • The 2020 Election was a Military Sting Operation, where the Military counted watermarked ballots and found that Trump won by over 80% of the vote.
  • Since Biden was sworn in as president of a bankrupt US Inc. on a Hollywood movie set, the White House and US Capitol have been surrounded by troops and an 8 foot high barbed wire fence to secure the grounds for Military Tribunals taking place there on Congress and political elites. 
  • Covid Vaccine Causes Heart Problems/Death: Dr. Peter McCullough, Doctor of Medical Sciences, consultant cardiologist confirms that “now there are studies that show that the nanoparticles of the vaccine get directly into the heart. The heart expresses spike protein in its cells, and the immune system attacks the heart.” Thus, fatal Myocarditis occurs from an experimental drug.
  • Feds Out of Money on Fri. 3 Dec. The federal government will run out of money on Friday 3 Dec. amid a jammed Senate schedule that may delay the passage of the reconciliation package.
  • The fake Biden regime has been able to buy time until December 15th by selling the US strategic oil reserve to China and India – which drove up gas prices at the pump to over $7 in some states.
  • Through the Covid crisis People from every country have come together to form the biggest Patriot movement the world has ever known.
  • The Maxwell Trial has begun where Epstein Trafficking Victims were speaking out against political and global elite child rape and murder, naming Biden, Obama and Soros plus exposing the production and wide use of Adrenochrome produced from a traumatized child.
  • The Chinese Communist Party, CIA, Mossad, plus the Australian, NewZealand, Japanese, Burma, Thailand and Myanmar governments all had their hands in the world’s largest drug and child trafficking operation called the Golden Triangle through Maxwell’s TerraMar project supported by the UN.
  •  Omnicron Hysteria was being made up much like the COVID scare, though African doctors testify of the mildness of the virus.
  • The world was experiencing financial crisis, Crypto and Stock Market implosion. To solve it the Alliance was implementing a Global Currency Reset – that was already in the works – and expected to complete by the end of this week.
  • Project Odin was expected to be active around Wed. 1 Dec. where the Military would use the new Starlink Satellite system to bring down the Mainstream Media and broadcast Real News through the Emergency Broadcast System.
  • By then Peoples of the world would be in Martial Law in order for Mass arrests to take place of the political and global elites involved in worship of Satan through child sacrifice.
  • Because of the unrest between Russia and NATO regarding the Ukraine, NATO countries have increased their Alert systems to DEFCON 4. The last time US was at DEFCON 4 was 9/11.
  • The P3 Orion and P8 Poseidon aircraft were submarine fighters equipped with onboard electronics that could detect ground anomalies and were actively finding DUMB tunnels and underground submarine installations that existed worldwide and under the mainland.
  • Israel was considered the World Capital of Organ Trafficking.
  • The fake Biden administration, the bankrupt US Inc. has also already sold over 30% of US commercial real estate in the top 20 cities to China, plus sold the US oil reserves in an attempt to keep itself in power.
  • United Nations to give Illegal Migrant Families in Mexico $800 a month as they head to USA.
  • QAnon is Military Intelligence:
  • You are Witnessing the Highest Level of Treason Event in US/WW Modern Day History. …Q #1746
  • DUMBS – it’s all about the children: Adrenochrome Harvesting of Babies & Children:

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