Dec 20, 2021

๐ŸŽ†๐Ÿ—ฝ๐Ÿฆ… ~ (Rebild Bakker: 'All Democrats Are Going to Hell') The world's largest 4th of July celebration outside the United States (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [๐Ÿ†Waaaaauv! The Golden Globe Awards Goes to... Erann DD Trio and his funky band for asking the crowd and I quote: "Are you're all vaccinated? and then jumped down into the crowd and telling them, who cares about all the restrictions and viruses it's summer time" -- Don't Worry...Everything Is Gonna Be Alright...๐ŸŽต] ... LUCKY for me at SoTW, filming facing the grassy knoll, not far from the US marines at the stage, Danish defense forces, police and home guard police, where 2 DK keynote speakers and hardcore Democrats, were preforming and I didn't have to pay a dime... I came in late, on my MTB, and was fortunate not to listen to this year’s speech and greeting from Creepy-China-Corona Joe Biden, Swagger-in-Chief, that was brought to us by Chargรฉ d’Affaires, Stuart A. Dwyer, of the American Embassy in Copenhagen. As you may or may not have heard, former US ambassador to Denmark, Carla Sands, could face charges for illegally tweeting support for Trump and criticize his Democrat opponents, but she also shared tweets made by groups with strong right-wing ties, such as the media outlet Breitbart (Lord God Almighty - when will it ever end??)... This year, there was 2 Danish Keynote Speaker: The Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen, and Anders Agner, Editor in Chief at and author of more than ten much "acclaimed" books on American politics and history etc. And I know people will get upset, I'm just telling it like it is, both the incurable Democrats, Andreas Mogensen, and Anders Agner, had N-O-T-H-I-N-G to bring on the table, other than, their own life story and some book (selling) - me, me me (ego) talk, was a never-ending story, for these guys. And in between was a quick video-hello from one of the worst (political) fake journalist in Danish history - news anchor, book seller, reporter from Denmark and US correspondent, Jesper Steinmetz, and his 2 million kroner per year salary and lectures. I have caught him lying so many times, joking, as always in his video, about his shorts and laughing about how he thinks that in fall or winter, we could again travel to United Bluff, while he pretend to be know-it-all. I'm sorry, I have followed all 3 Danish speakers for years and years, and I do not see any greatness in them, after they are lying through their teeth... Buuut hey, what do I know - Fawlty Towers - I know nothing ... I am from Barcelona... ANYWAYS, I did see a few with red maga hats... |

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