Dec 10, 2021

🤲🏻🔮🃏 ~ (Pope Francis gone 2 years ago! Bush Jr. being processed gets life! Hawaii secret weather pattern dark cult!) LOOKING INTO BEHIND THE SCENES! THE POPE! TRIBUNALS & FLOODS IN HAWAII! (Tarot by Janine) ~ | Blogger: A random pick since I don't have the energy or time to look into all of them. She must make a fortune (YouTube Monetization) and good for her, since, as we speak, Janine, is literally draining the swamp with videos accompanied with many people. Latest is weekly w/Jean Claude.. Brad Johnson - New Earth Interviews.. And 2 hours with Janine & Michelle Fielding & Kelli Rivers with 10 questions... Why do SoTW like the TBJ-channel? Because she is no bullshitter, being genuine, authentic and nice personality with tons of positive news. She has 35 years of experience and trust her own intuition and gut feeling and what the universe is telling her. Like Janine is a tarotcard truthteller and has enormous amount of knowledge and understands to some extend, esoteric philosophy, who's ruling the world and with a looot of optimism, are willing to share it all, for FREE.. PS: Michelle Fielding + Janine is a must-see. Tarot card combined with Michelle Fielding's intel from her ET contactee is mind-blowing... |


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