Nov 22, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: Humanity has already won! The Universe is a Hologram! Our Solar system has been liberated!) Alex Collier on the Andromeda Council & Human Liberation (Michael Salla) ~ | Blogger: πŸ™NOTE -- And with all due respect, because SoTW don't horse around, I have personally meet Dr. Michael E. Salla, twice, (2015 Mt. Shasta + 2018 MUFON Las Vegas) goofy guy, really, tried to talk to him, but not a friendly character (not to me anyway). Buuutt, I have NO bad things to say about Dr. Salla' discoveries, given to him by whistleblowers, his long research, UFO conspiracy theories and alike, just that if you're not a "somebody" with leading or interesting storytelling in the UFO community, you're 'nobody'!?". Talked briefly to Alex Collier at a meet-up, blown away by R. Scott Lemriel UFO Disclosure and learing about chanting (similar to 'OM' I learned by Cobra RM)or singing out loud the most ancient name for the omnipresent Spirit known as HU. Been following Cobra RM in many countries and conferences with my ex-girlfriend. A sit-down with Ted Mahr who is psychic, and has experience from UFOs and metaphysical phenomena. Had a longer talk with Tolec of the Andromeda Council and got my first intuitive understanding about Nordic Alien Ancestors. Went chanting and lauching calling out the E.T.'s with James Gilliland and we say at least 20 UFO sightings and orbs appearing in photos (Mt. Shasta). Attended Simon Parkes session in London oif 2018, meet Carrie Cassidy and went to great dinner and i personally had a chat with Peter Paget, who do briefings to the UK MP's, among many many things and meet some very spiritual enlightened people...Been to several UFO conferences and meet NASA astronauts and a strange (active) guy from EG&G Janet Airline / EG&G / JT3. "Janet" is the call sign for the flights that shuttle workers back and forth between Area 51, TTR and Las Vegas (together with SAS Scandinavian Airlines - yes you heard me).... And I don't care, i'm totally content to belong in the category, below-the-radar danish hillbilly looney tunes conspiracy (terrorist) ... Are you REALLY looking for truth and for some answers?... Check this video(s) out... Time for a history lesson, kids... Semper Supra - “always above.” - United States Space Force ... |




In this Exopolitics Today interview, Alex Collier discusses the Andromedan Council and their multifaceted approach to freeing humanity and preventing a galactic tyranny from emerging 350 years in the future. Alex discussed how the Andromedans instigated a broad alliance of extraterrestrial civilizations to intervene on humanity’s behalf against negative groups, and how this alliance has led to a global awakening and liberation of our solar system. Alex pointed out that negative extraterrestrial groups have been largely eliminated as a threat in our solar system, and that we are on a positive timeline where humanity will soon eliminate the last vestiges of negative human control groups. He also comments on the accuracy of Elena Danaan’s information about the Galactic Federation of Worlds, and its relationship with the Andromeda Council. Alex has spent 30 years discussing the roles of positive and negative extraterrestrial influences on Earth, and his information has taken on greater relevance today with the unprecedented growth in awareness of humanity’s true situation with off-planet visitors and their human minions.

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