Nov 4, 2021

👁⃤ 🔱📐~ (Halyna Hutchins making creepy illuminati hand sign on IG) Illuminati Stars Flashes Hand Gesture, Telltale Signs VIP's & Celebs got COVID or Declared Dead = Singing like a Canaries, Arrests, GITMO? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [👉Kim Kardashian is now the Queen of Staten Island. She was tested positive for Covid-19, like all the Kardashians. Former nanny, Nancy Jenkinson, Kim is a Satanic Illuminati Witch👈] ... Some say, Hollyweird, has been emptied out. No more A-list actors. Most of what you see is made with CGI.. Soo.. I'm just spit-balling here... I found it peculiar that, even though it could be a nothing-burger, these days, so many people are leaving the scene, lack of a better wording.. Vaxxed up or not, they get COVID.. And you have nooo idea the long list of secret celebrity trannies, drag queens, cloning and crisis actors, controlled by the elite puppets. As we speak, Scotland primary school draws flak after telling boys to wear skirts... In these #MeToo and the 'woke' generation, men-must-die-for-what-they're-done-times, let's look at the woman, some are men, or used to be... Anyways, one example, is Khloé Kardashian, 2nd time she got the Coronavirus, fully vaccinated. She is a long-rumored Illuminati member. The gossip about the 37 year-old reality TV star being involved in the sinister secret society, which some believe rule the world, has been afoot for some time. Speculation rose once more when she posted pictures to Instagram where she made the hand gesture that many associate with the Illuminati in 2014... Anti-vaxxer, Kristy Swanson, the O.G. ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ hospitalized for COVID-19 treatment. Strange yeah?... And then we have our own DK-celeb - Naked ZULU Awards Ibi Støving - with a Tongue Out: (Sexual abuse / sex programming, sex rituals, insemination/seeding ritual). Her ex-boyfriend, Simon Makienok, who has devoted and admitted, his life to the Illuminati-order, tatted on his belly and has got COVID. Ibi Støving is also hosting the show "The Masked Singer" which is absolutely, using illuminati rituals and symbolism. Was Ibi, really "shot" with a bullet in her right forearm in a so-called drive-by shooting in Los Angeles? (symbolism "shot" = vaxxed?) ... You be the judge... |

list of celebrities and famous people with coronavirus, including Trisha Yearwood. There are over 80 celebrities with COVIDsome who've died.

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