Nov 1, 2021

🤩🤫😩 ~ (COP26 HOAX: £2m 20 Tesla cars, 400 Private Jets Swarm Glasgow & DK-natural gas in dirty-deal fossil fuel in Africa) What if Everything You Know is Fake! What If We All Live Inside a "Movie" or "Show"? (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜TRUMP CONFIRMS: Space Force Now Controls Facebook🤛] ... {Erdogan & Queen-Lizzie skips COP26 in last minute}... Okay guys!.. Let's kick it on high gear.. If you are looking for pointers or dot-connectors for different ways to make it easier use; DuckDuckGo, Twitter, Telegram, Bitchute, tarot cards and your inner common sensing, intuition and doing own research etc.. Sooo. 😝 In the latest video by Janine, she claims, after been watching a video by Phil Godlewski (RAPID FIRE) on Bitchute, that "Negative 48" (AKA JFK JR?) is actually a hoax or "magician" I believe, Janine calls him. My Q on SoTW is - what about Tom Numbers, Roseanne Barr, Charlie Ward and Mel K then?? WHAAAT??? Phil just said YES to the Earth is FLAT (I can't believe it - I'm not gonna listen to this guy anymore). He sits and answering YES or NO and Janine, thinks he's A "deep insider" AKA "Trump- QTeam- God?" Really!!!... Anywho, lets move on... 😝Some claims, that (fake) Joe Bidens (LIVE) visit to the (fake) Pope in Italy, was the impostor' AKA actor, last performance... 😝Alec Baldwin (already dead?) AKA nickname 'Xandy' will develop PTSD after tragic shooting of Halyna Hutchins (which is alive - either a WH filmcreator or BH CIA/Ukraine spy?)... 😝White House (which is empty) press secretary Jen Psaki, tests positive for Covid (Jen Psaki Trans Clone Of Mark Zuckerberg?)... 😝Elon Musk wants UN proof $6 billion can solve world Hunger, while COP26 hoax & fakery Minister of Energy, Supply and Climate, Danish DanTheCaveMan Jørgensen, buys "dirtier' energy source" with 186.6 million Danish tax kroner to the French energy company Eranove, which operates several natural gas powered power plants in Africa... 😝OUT OF CONTROL: Citibank Latest Big Corporation to Mandate Jab, Will MANDATE ALL 65,000 US Employees Get Fully Vaccinated... 😝😜🔫America is run by clones, frauds, crisis actors and even dead people! Can the REAL Joe Biden please stand up? NO he can't, he took a trip to GITMO and never came back! WHO are the Biden and Harris imposters? WHO do they work for?... |

"Let me get this straight: A low self-esteem, with depression, eating disorder and stress, were a few years back part of Josephine Müller's reality, which was only exacerbated by being present on the social media. She was able to fool her 25 million sexhungry viewers, and 40.000 commenting on her video below, with a simple FaceAPP, WHAT HAS THIS WORLD BECOME?...


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