Oct 31, 2021

๐Ÿšจ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ‘Ž~ ('The 'scumbacks' has to go! Hold the Line!) Tarot By Janine shares a snowy Day & some cool videos! Benjamin Fulford, Friday Interview Q&A 10/29/2021 & Nancy Drew motorcade DC 100s Police or Soldiers protecting VIP's just for show?(SoTW) ~ | Blogger: Dear Janine, Benjamin lives in Japan, not China!. And of course, what comes out of Janine or Benjamin's (dirty) mouths, has to be taken with a grain of salt... Anywho, SoTW, knows (jack shit) either, really, what's going on, behind the scene - we can only guess... That said, SoTW feels like, and I'm not gonna lie to ya guys, l've hit 'the wall' last few days. Maybe, caused by CME solar storms, maybe, it has to do with me being alone, fighting the alone warriors game, and 'nothing comes free in life'. I AM truly the most positive truther out there, but things just seem to take a downward turn every time we think there is light at the end of the tunnel. I've held the line for a while now, 20 years, against ridicule and being shunned by friends and loved ones. Actually my own mom, nearly 80, is amazing open and spiritual minded - thank God for that. It really seemed like this month of Red October, the Hunter Becomes the Hunted - Mission was actually not invented by Trump and the QTeams, but World of Warcraft. October WAS the THE MONTH that lead to MAJOR breakthrough into mainstream, activation of EBS, but looks like its fizzled out, and there is less talk about even November now. Some has said, Clif High, a few days ago, it will be another 2 years before the likes of Hitlery Killary are arrested (in public) and so did X22 Report Dave, and that just tipped me over the edge. How can this woman, or ex-Pres. "Obummer" or the reptilian Queen-Lizzy and the hideous, diabolical truth about these people, so evil, still be walking around? At least they are "stunt doubles or clones" and yet, we cant even get a break on a speeding ticket or if you say corona-fraud three times, you get arrested? I suppose we all get bad days, but I kinda feel like I am out of fuel I am afraid, I didn't realize how hard this Spiritual War would be, and I KNOW I still have what it takes, but I'm completely EXHASUTED. I'm so tired, I could sleep for days and I'm not gonna wait until 2023 to see these few Dirty Dozen, that is still left, being brought to justice... How are you guys doing? (A small potion some of the wordings I'll stole from someone commenting the Janine video, but I feel more or alike the same - but have NOT given up. I have just picked up the ENERGIES from the Collective consciousness).. ENOUGH ALREADY!... Right now I'm siting with my "Keep America Great" MAGA-cap on and my Trump coin in the pocket... It has nothing to do with Trump , everything to do with the Great Awakening and Planetary Liberation... Call me crazy one more time๐Ÿ˜‰... |

Sometimes I fell like Faramir, sent out to die by Denethor, trying to recapture Osgiliath with only 100 men and then be surprised when Faramir came back injured/almost dead. And then later Denethor try to kill Faramir but not check whether he was dead or not. But he knew, Denethor was fully aware that Faramir was not yet dead. He was in a state of despair brought about by his use of the Palantir, his own pride, as well as grief and shame over Faramir's injuries. He is convinced of Sauron's imminent victory and further sees that even if Sauron is not victorious that his and his son's reign will be over. It didn't really matter whether Faramir was dead or not, Denethor thought their situation was hopeless and they were all going to die anyway. Denethor believed that Frodo's quest to destroy the ring had failed and that Sauron's victory was inevitable....

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