Oct 15, 2021

😎πŸ₯³☝️ ~ (I Am Greta! Meeting fake Creepy Biden at COP26 hoax, fake Royalists (secret takedown) & Great-Dane "hockey stick" Dan-The-Caveman) Hot Fun Party Pooper Freaky Friday (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: NOTE: the sudden "dead" scenarios of the EU Royals attending COP26 (Hoax) and 3 named players was by tarot card readings from several of Janine's videos. So it might seem, that Britain's Prince Charles, Prince of Wales, calculates the Number of the Beast 666 and Queen Elsbeth II, the head of the Committee of 300, will be officially declared deceased (and one more)... |

A. In this Friday 15 Oct. Update:

  • Antony Fauci indicted! https://www.freedomwatchusa.org/freedom-watch-seeks-indictment-of-dr-anthony-fauci-through
  • There were food, goods, gas shortages, an energy crisis, plus Cyber Attacks on hospitals across the globe.
  • The Queen’s Satanic Ritual Abuse of Children at Windsor Castle has been uncovered.
  • Biden’s illegal federal vaccine mandate was expected to have an immediate and catastrophic effect on US transportation systems as pilots and airline personnel refuse the deadly vaccination.
  • Due to the COVID Plandemic and shutdown of Chinese factories a shortage of just about everything was looming ahead of the holiday season as more than 150 container ships wait off the coast of California and rail yards clog up due to a shortage of port workers and truckers. The commercial pipeline that each year brings $1 trillion worth of toys, clothing, electronics and furniture from Asia to the United States is clogged and no one knows how to unclog it.
  • Walmart, Costco and Target were chartering their own cargo ships to import goods, paying about $100,000 day, or four times more than last year – the cost of which will be paid by the consumer.
  • During this Red October Andrew Cuomo, Bill Gates and Chelsea Clinton were said to have been arrested and undergone Military Tribunals.
  • Cryptocurrencies such as #Bitcoin were expected to trigger a global financial meltdown.
  • Deadly Typhoon Kompasu has battered Hong Kong, grips southern China.
  • On the brighter side flying electric cars and electric autopilot airplanes were coming soon, along with Med Beds, plus scientists at the National Institute of Dental Research have invented a powerful sour liquid that can re-grow teeth and gums almost overnight.
  • Blackout: The Power to whole entire World will switch off briefly to install our new Starlink Satellite Internet.(link)


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