Oct 14, 2021

🏹🦌🩸 ~ (BREAKING KONVERTIT KONGSBERG 'FALSE FLAG'?) Bow and arrow attack kills and injures multiple people in Norway, terrorism not ruled out. Police still engaged in large emergency response operation (13. Oct 2021 MEDIA) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Deer Hunting & Month of October: Satan's Harvest of Souls🤛] ... {Today is the 13th - Autumnal Equinox - 13 weeks - Minor Sabbath but does require human sacrifice. Today is 14th - and Delta (Norwegian police unit) special SWAT with 20 regular police cars units and lots of helpers was placed on the spot, but bow-"shooter" slipped away them and killed people - how is that human possible? They already had "contact" with him acc. to MSN news??} ... One question comes up - is this a White Hat or Black Hat op?... I don't believe in coincidences and I was not there in Kongsberg, but my first reaction was a bad one. I have a old friend living up there, but he will never talk to me because he thinks I'm one of the Looney Tunes (conspiracy-terrorist)... Last year, Denmark, had it's own similar "harvesting" - with all due respect - this could be a "real" incident, in Norway.. It was decided at this precise time of the month in 2020 Denmark, that mass mink cull of 1 million, later 4th November, 2020, 17 million mink was slaughtered , and now it's Norway time for one more Hall of Fame??... We should put our trust in Ole Dammegaard & VT today or James Fetzer and what they can dig out from the story... SoTW have listen to 1 hour LIVE from Norwegian television and I personally, do not believe it was a fluke accident or crazy white Anders Breivik-wannabe, the BNP and White Supremacist... [READ MORE]...|

🤙One comment from my sisters boyfriend, Danish ex-professional soldier hunting with recurve bow; "why didn't they kill him?", he  asked me? Well, because, "dead men don't talk". They NEED a "messenger" as of a (new) Anders Behring Breivik, a freemason terrorist. Reporters claim a missing 30 minute window where Norwegian police SWAT-teams couldn't find the "bow and arrows shooter", but knew, he was there!... What isn't in dispute, however, is the fact that Breivik is a Freemason, most particularly the Knight's Templar, the precursor of Freemasonry, which led credence, according to some, that he was an Islamphobe. The Knight's Templar was an elite fighting force with a tenet that they were barred from retreating in battle unless they were outnumbered three to one... |

Update summarized 17:33 PM CET 14/10/2021:

(SoTW) the END.... And what is it that the illumanti-order October occultist harvesting month loves... Where your focus goes, your energy flows... These evil entities loves Freemasonic numbers like 11,13 and 33... and yesterday was the 13th...)   

Update summarized 17:00 PM CET 14/10/2021:

LIVE PST outdoor meeting:

- Appear as terror - but is not established as terror (It's either terror or not what is it?)
Police cannot confirm that it is the perpetrator on the video from 2017 (WHAAAT?!?)
- The procedure (modus) follows normal from radicalized 
- Fear it can inspire others - it is the type of attack we fear most 
We knew him - it's a composite history (strange comment either they know him or not - which is it?) 

(SoTW) very strange and the security police PST seems to be diffuse, unprepared and insecure... The perfect "Manchurian Candidate" or a crazy radicalized brainwashed Dane or False Flag "crisis actor"  - your guess is as good as mine...)  

Update summarized 16:45 PM CET 14/10/2021:

Update summarized 16:00 PM CET 14/10/2021:

Espen Andersen Bråthen is the man who is charged with the five killings Wednesday evening in Kongsberg. 37-year-old Espen Andersen Bråthen has lived most of his life in Kongsberg. His mother is Danish, and he has Danish citizenship, but he has no further affiliation with Denmark.


Update summarized 15:17 PM CET 14/10/2021:

"Hi. I'm a messenger. I come with a warning. Is this really what you want? And everyone who wants to make up for himself, the time is now. Understand that I am Muslim. " ~ Bow-shooter, Espen Andersen Bråthen

(SoTW) What the h*ll is he talking about? How convenient that is - a self-proclaming converted Danish Muslim in a dire warning 2017 YouTube video PET/PST already knew about. Why do so many assassins have 3 names? Espen Andersen Bråthen, Anders Behring Breivik. Notorious criminals are frequently known by three names (James Earl Ray, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth)


Update summarized 13:42 PM CET 14/10/2021: 

(RT) Norway bow and arrow attacker, who killed 5, had converted to Islam with police worried over radicalization signs

Update summarized 8:00 AM CET 14/10/2021: 

(SoTW) Five people were killed and two people injured when a man shot with arrow and bow on Kongsberg Wednesday. A "white Danish man" in the 30s is arrested and charged in the matter. The police examine whether terror can be the subject of the attack. The Danish citizen was known by The Norwegian Police Security Service (PST) and possible "Islamist radicalisation" and terror-related according to the MSM Media...

(Have we heard that before? Oh yes we have)

READ MORE (13th of Oct 2021) :

PS: {Danish citizen arrested - The Hunger Games - The main character, Katniss Everdeen, fights with bow and arrow - Kongsberg was founded by Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV - King Christian X of Denmark in his freemasonic clothing and the Swedish Order of Charles XIII around his neck. Christian X was a freemason of The Danish Order of Freemasons. St. Olai Lodge was the first Masonic lodge in Norway, and the mother lodge of many lodges in the Norwegian Order of Freemasons. It was founded by Count Christian Conrad Danneskiold-Laurvig, probably with the Danish king Frederick V of Denmark present at the initiation ceremony}

Remembering the Utøya Massacre: Breivik, Anglo-Israelism, and the Knights Templar??.. 2011 Norway attacks is still considered to be one of the BIGGEST false flags in history, similar to 2017 Las Vegas shooting... 

🤔DID YOU KNOW, that Kongsberg was founded by Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV as a mining community in 1624 after the discovery of silver. In the second year, the town of Kongsberg and the Kongsberg Silver Mines were built?... 

🔭PS: I did see Simon Parkes post about "La Palma Volcanic Eruption" (update) and I quote: 📑"I don't know if the HARRP facility in Norway is still in operation, or who now has ownership.  But I would be surprised if the bad guys still had control.".📑 

If this s true about FF ops and HAARP - Norway - (could) still be in the hands of Black Hats, I would say.. '

As always, use your own Spiritual Discernment.

 SoTW have studied FF ops in more than 10 years time, and still don't know, anything. But I have talked to Ole Dammegaard several times and I, can smell bullshit from a mile away... | 



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