Sep 2, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra: Who can You trust these days?) Has US Space Command received advanced tech from Galactic Federation? (Dr. Michael Salla) ~ | Blogger: There's no doubt in my mind we are facing the most crucial time period in human history. We are so close to unimaginable breakthroughs in disclosure and "Endtime Madness" is close to over... That said, SoTW, have meet Dr. Salla twice - goofy guy, really, not with a wining welcoming personality, but I think "some" of the material Salla collects from other sources, is legit, some, is BS. What I do not like is, that Salla, has turned it into a "show" to collect as many as possible before his next Pay-Per-View live event... I have also meet Cobra, RM and Alex Collier and what they have to say is as exotic and incomprehensible, with "some" truth, some BS. I do however like Alex and his personality, not an aggressive Cobra, RM which I understand now, has been infiltrated by the Dark Alliance (or black hats). I've been watching UFOs with James Gilliland and I really like him and his teachings, who tells us, like it is... Of course... As a knowledge SSP truth-seeker, me and you, have to put all trust into Megan Rose and communication she had just received from her primary Galactic Federation source, Val Nek and / or former French archeologist, Elena Danaan... What I personally do not put all my trust in, is, that Jeff Bezos & Branson with Musk and 12 CEO had secretly travel to Jupiter for negotiations with the Galactic Federation... Yes perhaps, Elon Musk, as he is now working for white hats, but Mr. Musk, once was a "child of the Illuminati" being bred to be a world leader who can present the Mark of the Beast... SoTW had a talk with Tolec" (Earth human representative, an emissary, for the Andromeda Council) back in 2015, and later told us, the youtube channel called "Cosmic Agency" and so-called ET Swaeuu, Taygeta (Pleiades), is an imposter, which many highly spiritual people listen too, all the time. This has been corroborated with "NewsinsideOut" by Alfred Webre, findings... All the Alien Aductions, Aliens, Channeling and Extraterrestrials is a veeery hard concept for most to understand and comprehend, but you need to put some trust in something, right?... However, it goes without saying, the TRUE master of disguise is, in fact, a master of deception, and has always been; CIA (FBI, NSA, DIA, NASA, NRO, DARPA, ESA, - you name it)... |


The Galactic Federation of Worlds is sharing advanced technologies with the US Space Command to prevent future infiltration by hostile extraterrestrials according to the latest update by one of two known ‘contactees’ working with the Federation. On August 29, I got an update from Megan Rose regarding a communication she had just received from her primary Galactic Federation source, Val Nek. The information is very significant given real-time events concerning outer space and the creation of new satellite systems.

In my August 27 interview with Megan, she described the history of her contact experiences with the Galactic Federation, and how Val Nek, a spacecraft pilot, rescued her from two negative alien abduction incidents at ages five and nine. He has subsequently been monitoring Megan.

It was in 2019 that her memories of the childhood incidents were fully restored, and she received a physical implant through which she can telepathically communicate with Val Nek who now is in a senior leadership position with the Federation. [READ MORE]... | 

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