Sep 23, 2021

๐Ÿ‘ผ ~ ๐Ÿ’— ('No one knows what is Truth and what is not anymore. We are being set upon everywhere we turn. This is precisely why we ask you to remain in your KNOWING. To say the Mantra over and over') The Federation of Light via Blossom Goodchild, Sept. 22, 2021 (Video + transcript) ~ | Blogger: Will it be this weekend? Anywho, I have more information about a possible Black Swan event, but not allowed to share on SoTW... Remain Vigilant... Be Prepared... Stay Protected... Expect the Unexpected... |

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LIGHT.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LOVE.
Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS TRUTH

Hello, oh bringers of Light and Hope. Let’s hope you are to do just that today, for it seems the people of our Planet are very much in need. The plot has clearly been lost and is nowhere to be found.

Dearest Blossom, dearest bringers of Light and Hope. For all that you imagine ‘us’ to Be is exactly what we KNOW yourselves to Be.

YOU are the bringers of Light and Hope to a world that seems to be sinking into the mire. Yet …


I am sure most of us are trying our best to keep the ‘home fires burning’ as the saying goes. Yet, the madness of the powers that ‘appear’ to be, continues to grow.

And with that comes the strength from within to KNOW that ALL THE KNOWING that assists you to march onwards in your Truth continues to grow, also.

I guess the question on everyone’s tongue is ‘When is it all going to stop?’

This we cannot predict … for you know that we … cannot/do not/will not … give dates. For it is the general overall Energy of Change that has to come from those upon your Planet, that will shift the Divine Plan into the next phase.

A question that has just popped into my head is one I am loathed to ask, yet, I must. Are we even in Phase Two yet?


Shoot me now! So, to clarify, over a year ago, if I recall correctly, you said Phase Two would be a worldwide lockdown, and to be honest, I cannot remember the bells and whistles that went with that. I think you said there would be 5 phases?

That is correct. Yet, recall also that we stated this did not mean that each phase was to become worse than the one before.

So, you are saying there is to be a Global lockdown, where everyone, I assume, is to remain locked down at the same time?

This is still The Plan.

Is it the plan of the Divine or of the greedy?

Blossom, it has to be both … for they are intertwined to get to the end result.

Well, both the black and the white hats are going to have to pull something big out of their hats to get that happening, are they not?


You are not being very forthcoming, if I may say!

We desire to bring Hope. So, we would continue by saying that all that is showing you madness is leading towards what will appear to be more madness, and yet, there is purpose to this. Therefore, may we suggest that you continue to KNOW that the change … will come/is coming.

Yep. I think those of us on board know this. Again, it is the ‘when’ … which you cannot say. So that leaves us where?

On the front line. Although many of you feel exasperated and despondent at certain times. You may question everything. You may wonder if all you thought ‘what is’ … is perhaps ‘not’. You may wonder if the very core of your Being has got it all wrong. There is such a time of the ‘Not knowing what is’.

Yet we beseech you to keep on going within and connecting with the YOU that you KNOW is YOU. The YOU that cannot deny the KNOWING of what is right. It circulates through your very veins and no matter what … that will not change.


Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LIGHT.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS LOVE.

Right in the knowing that WHO YOU ARE IS TRUTH.

This KNOWINGNESS flows through you and shall bring such Joy to your Planet, when all is said and done.

We understand that you desire to know the next phase and when it shall be and what it shall entail. Yet, nothing can be set in stone … for Energies and strategies can change at any given moment.

We ask that you look deeply into your Truth when coming across many things that are ‘put there’ to confuse. ‘Put there’ to think that certain policies are in place when in actual fact, they are not.

No one knows what is Truth and what is not anymore. We are being set upon everywhere we turn.

This is precisely why we ask you to remain in your KNOWING. To say the Mantra over and over … for this aligns you with YOUR KNOWING.

Yet, not with knowing what the dickens is going on and when it will all end.

Perhaps not … yet, perhaps it is helping you to continue on in Light.

Oh indeed, it is doing that. It is my ‘go to’ so many times a day.

And what happens when you go to it, Blossom?

I feel better and get on with my day … somehow. It doesn’t change what is going on out there, yet, it changes my will to survive!!!

We would like to correct you. IT DOES CHANGE what is going on ‘out there’. By continuing to say this magic Coding … you are changing the Vibration of what is going on ‘out there’.

By doing what makes you happy and content, instead of pondering and indulging in what is going on ‘out there’, you are changing what is going on ‘out there’. Whatever you feed, whatever you focus on, whatever you give Energy to, is that which expands.

Be aware of this. Feed, focus and give Energy to that which heightens your Joy.

I get this and know this. Yet, there are many, I feel, whose role it is to actively do something about all this, other than sitting home painting, gardening, knitting, singing, whatever! And please know I mean that with the greatest respect TO ALL parties.

Indeed, Blossom. There are many called to do so. Inside each one there is a calling to act in a particular way. In this instance, we are not talking about whether or not one chooses to be vaccinated etc … we are talking about one’s role in bringing the Light into the Planet and anchoring it in.

Each one must follow their own path and feelings.

Each one is guided by this calling to follow their heart and act upon it.

Yet, you are not talking about the ‘envelopes’ here, are you?

No. We are not. That is to come.

I know I am veering all over the place today yet, that reminds me of all the monolith talk. There was such hype and enthusiasm there for a time and with respect, like everything else, once again, what happened to all that? What happened to the Announcement? What happened to all things that got us excited?

Nothing ‘happened’ to them, Blossom. Nothing has changed about these matters, Blossom. They are still in place. We were letting you know of such things for that very reason. To excite and bring Hope. We did not make up such tales to string you along. We told you what is TRUTH.

And ONE DAY … as we have said you will KNOW such things as TRUTH … for they will be/will have taken place.

Remember. Remember. Remember …




Do not lose Hope when you are so close.

These ‘closing days’ are when you must gather more and more strength, ready for what is to come.

Yet, you have said that a worldwide lockdown is to come. Whoop dee do!

Yes indeed, and then the fireworks … so to speak, will be prepared.

Not sure what that means exactly, yet, get the gist. The thing is, you said about this Phase Two over a year ago.

‘When’ we said it, Blossom, is not the issue. Just because in your time, much time has gone by, does not mean that it is not to take place.

To be honest, so much is going on, that I had forgotten all about it. Many all over the world are in lockdown, yet, not everyone at the same time.

Yet, this will be so … and when it is so … know the ball will be rolling once again … new wheels set in motion, would we say.

Can’t wait! The expectancy of this and that, that never fails not to happen … has left everyone feeling so despondent.

Yet, you know so much is happening … inside you can feel this, can you not?

Nope! Gotta be honest. Nope! I just feel it is all going down the toilet and any day now, someone is going to pull the chain!

Wait and see, Blossom Goodchild … wait and see.

What else can we do!

We are aware that you are feeling this communication has not been beneficial.

I’m not saying that. I just wonder what else can be said … by you or anyone. Because until something major takes place to shake us up in a good way, you have said all there is to say about what to do to hang on in there. You can’t spill the beans it seems and I get that. Oh, I don’t know! On we go, I guess. I’m not having a go at you, by any means. Not at all. It’s just the way it is right now.

Indeed, Blossom and All. It is just the way it is.

And I give Gratitude to you for coming through at all. Truly I do. In Gratitude. In Loving service. I AM.

Update on my husband Goody. He has picked up from three weeks ago. Your Love and Healing are helping more than you know. Please do not stop! We are both so honoured and grateful to you. Thank you so very much.

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