Sep 6, 2021

πŸ—½πŸ—³️πŸŽ‡ ~ (5 topics of Negotiation: 1. Maricopa Audit 2. Missing PCAPS Dominion. 3. FF Ops Afghanistan 4. Controlled Hurricane IDA. 5. ?Joe Biden resigns and in comes Trump?) Very Informative Kerry Cassidy Info - THE NEGOTIATIONS NOW BIDEN OUT TRUMP IN? FALSE FLAG 911_2.0?(Is the threat of civil war holding up & determining negotiations??)VIDEO 1.38.20 (TheRumorMill) ~ | Blogger: [🀜'Hi Kerry, Please note that Anna Marie, a Catholic mystic, was shown a vision of a “bomb” detonating. Jesus mentioned that prayer has mitigated this coming chastisement. Please read the message below as Anna Marie describes the vision of the bomb explosion. Anna Marie believes the explosion will take place on Sept. 11, 2021'πŸ€›] ... |

Developing story…. (Source --

MUST WATCH. The setup: The online Patriot broadcaster “Phil” was invited to a phone call with Trump and 4 people (who appeared to be military possibly Generals) in which he (Phil and others) could listen but not participate on the DARK WEB.

The info:

This text was posted on some newsgroups on skype that I am part of:

….”Phil, the guy who did the BRILLIANT unraveling of the PCAP story after the Mike Lindell symposium, and revealed the logical way for POTUS to return to his position, just got a phone call, and Donald Trump was on it. The call was strange. There were four subjects, but the discussion about those subjects didn’t seem important. Phil gives his speculation about the call. And I think he’s right. The conversation was not important. But the subjects were. We are not just waiting for the Arizona audit. We are waiting for a complete set of state audits. And negotiations are underway about who will be removed. Listen to the whole thing, starting after about 13:30 minutes. Run it at 1.5x. It is a very interesting speculation.”– from a newsgroup. Note: I suggest listening to the whole thing.



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