Aug 9, 2021

ðŸ•ĩ️ðŸĶ ðŸ”Ĩ ~ (Third blogpost today: The CO_VID_19 could be fake! Check out the many countries, including Denmark & evidence) COVID Not Isolated, Cannot Be Locate, Does Not EXIST! FOIA Response Reveals Worldwide HOAX! (Stew Peters Show - 145,356 Views) ~ | Blogger: ALSO, United Airlines will require 66,000 employees WW to be VakkZinated and Amazon revives mask mandates. ALL the other airlines world-wide are going to follow suit according to Dr. Ruby and much, much more... |

Rumble — BREAKING! International FOIA Requests are producing responses that confirm what we have ALL suspected for many months!

COVID-19 may be the biggest HOAX ever perpetuated on global citizens, cannot be located, has not been isolated, and may not EXIST!

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