Aug 20, 2021

πŸ§ͺπŸ’‰⚫ ~ (DRACOs, Stone from space, and how the Nanografit tech and... ) What Black Goo Will Do To You (Israeli News) ~ | Blogger: Thanks to Project Camelot for sharing... Black Goo AKA nano Graphene Oxide (GO)-ish... When did I hear about this stuff on SoTW?... When a Brit UFO expert in 2016, was found dead in Poland after ‘vomiting black liquid’ days after texting his mum asking her to investigate if anything ‘happened to him (TheSun MSM media)... According to Israeli News, Israel and CIA has been experiencing with this highly toxic stuff since the 90's and the "Dracos" was heavily involved (Illuminati Breakaway Complex (IBC). They gave it to homeless people who all died. So you see, if this is true and Steven Ben-Nun is right about this and all the whistleblowers by the short videoclips in this news report - it's a zombie-weapon or bio-weapon that is injected into the CO_VID-VakkZines and people are dying. One whistleblower are talking about military ship captains which was forced to take the Black Goo getting insane.. PS: I scrolled over the 5 minute marker until 15 minute marker and more about the Satan and Christianity blasphemy bible content... Anyways, take it with a grain of salt and use your own discernment... |


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