June 23, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (Semper Supra - “always above.”) Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals) Season 3 Release July 1st, 2021 (Reuben Langdon) ~ | Blogger: Received by mail... PS: I have absolutely no idea if it's worth watching, but I'll give it a try... In the meanwhile, waiting on The U.S. Government's long-awaited UFO report, that is worthless like pokemon-cards!.. I have added links to latest UFO NEWS and UFO sighted over Montello, Wisconsin plus MORE, presented by OOM2 website... |

Hello, my name is Reuben Langdon and I am the creator of a unique show called Interview with E.D. (Extra Dimensionals.)

I started the E.D. journey back in 2014 and wasn’t really thinking that the show would get the amount of attention it has over the years. Since the release of the show, I have received many messages about how the show and its teachings have positively influenced people and surprisingly helped them through tough times. So with this, we’ve decided to expand our audience and that’s why we are letting you know about the show and that we are rolling out a new season of episodes.

It seems more obvious than ever that humanity is going through a great shift. We see this showing up in all facets of reality now including the recent mainstream media’s coverage of the extraterrestrial/UFO phenomenon. What’s interesting is that we have been covering this since the show's inception and there is a wealth of valuable information, knowledge, and wisdom archived in the show since episode 1 that is more relevant now than ever before. For me, it has truly been a joy exploring and interacting with our galactic family and learning about humanity's role in this great cosmic puzzle. We’ve released 2 seasons with over 60 epic episodes, and now I’m proud to say we’re doing it again with a new, improved, and evolved season 3!

In Season 3, Producer Steve Copeland and I go beyond the idea of ETs from other star systems and bring it closer to home. In addition to ETs, we have conversations with Indigenous Medicine-Men and women, Inner Earth Beings, Elementals, A.I., and even Crystal Skulls!

Interview With E.D. (Extra Dimensionals) Season 3 from REUBEN LANGDON on Vimeo.


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