June 22, 2021

🙏 ~ 💝 ('MANIFESTING Goodness. How does this feel to you?') Todays Inspirational Spiritual Quotes & Videos (SoTW) ~ 💕 | Blogger: [🌟"Soul family, I felt inspired to support you through this powerful portal. This is the energy of the sun. The message I received is: "This is our time as a collective to Shine bright." May you feel supported and uplifted into the light. All my love always, ~ Mei-lan🌟] ... Hey! We're Back! We're Bad! You're Black!... Family Business (gymnasium graduation & birthday party, helping my old parents and watching Denmark wining soccer matches) was important to me at SoTW this weekend, since I'm without a spiritual (partner), my 2 'children' are (gone) out of my life (sadly enough) and me, without a (normal) working life, which for most, seems (completely insane)... Yeah, I'm a fulltime (spiritual influencer) - a awaken awakenier - okay?... It actually takes a (lot) of energy/effort, being a Citizen Journalist, Researcher and Planet Liberator, to do what I do (spank you very much)... Lost another (friend) to cancer, last week. Coordinator to Cobra RM Sisterhood of the Rose, Denmark, which I once, was a admin of. Gitte, was many things, once self-taught singer and actor and part of Denmark Clairvoyant Association and The New Tantra (TNT) etc.. In the very early start of 2021 I/we lost another (friend) Peter, spokesman or/and creator of (Open Mind Conference DK) and many other things. My other friend, Lili's (partner to Peter) also know Gitte, and Lili, is part of (May Day Denmark) - an information association that works for personal freedom and responsibility as well as awareness of health.. SoTW lost 3 other good friends in America, since 2006 - i'm running out of friends, so it seems. My Ukraine/Russian wife, I had to let go off in 2016, after very bad psychological or verbal abuse aka child abuse, inflicting her own daughter, Rosa, damage (oh man me and my pick of woman)... A lot of people (spiritual or not) are leaving Mother GAIA, their time is up, the ones left (behind) is having a tough time, not only, coping with Grief and Loss, but Coronavirus has and still is, a Physical and Spiritual threat, that must be (eliminated). The good thing is, that we are wining, and Love, Light and Peace, is on our side, if you ask me. Last 2 months, I have felt a (positive) energy-change in the (force), as (Intuitive Reiki healer) or just, a (person) feeling the energy (pulse) on Earth and the Earthlings... At least, The Dark Agenda, that has rained over the past 1000 years old freemasonic Denmark, has been lifted, to some extend, and we should (fight like hell) before they swarmed the Danes and other worldly citizens in the fall or winter of 2021 with the next COVID[AI] stage by (vaccination and re-vaxx, lockdowns, mask mandates and limited freedom).. I'm no soccerfan, but Danish footballer, Christian Eriksen, has done AMAZING things to our (collective consciousness) not to mention it's summertime, people are breaking free from restrictions and it feels like we're once again, to party, like it's 1999 (except Philippines and other part of the world)... Buuutt, beware of the wolf in sheep's clothing... PS: Please remember, the aggressive Lord Archons, a species of predatory inorganic beings who may be equated with the Anunnaki of Sumerian myth, as well as with ETs (Grays and Reptilians) in the intervention scenario of modern UFO lore, are the (real) masters in disguise. They thrive of our bad negative energies and plant negative voices in our head to make us generate negative emotional Energy (no matter how crazy it sounds)... |



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