June 14, 2021

🐍🤫😩 ~ (Let's talk 'co-mpression br-e-a-kthrough': Pls don't shoot the messenger) The very secret, eccentric and sometimes aggressive Pleiadian Incarnate Mr C. from the Resistance Movement (RM). His spouse Miss M., the Black Witch who killed Isis Astara and the hundred-of-thousands of followers around the globe (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: [🤜Okay! Here it comes! Raw and Uncensored format!🤛] ... I have learned NEVER EVER to take anything personal or devolve into the DAILY DRAMA!... Back in the early days and for a long time after, my own spiritual awakening, I didn't see all the warning signs or choose not to do something about it by karma-lessons or by choice and divine contract. My wish is now, to lament all the damaging (guru) relationships I'd had, effecting my life in a bad or good way, not because I'm some kind of victim who always got the short end of the stick, but I'm my own wise master!... (there's so maaany examples I could pick from) -- In 2018 and after the Brazil conference, I knew something was wrong. Mr. C's 2-3 days of conference price earnings, 500 attendees, lots of initializations, and over-the-counter sales, got him at least, between 100 - 200.000 Euro. I later learned, not only didn't people and the project behind the Islands of Light Mandala get one single dime of startup money, nobody got any money hosting or helping this conference... [READ MORE]... PS: I could tell you what the CEO of THC (Tachyon Healing Chambers), Mr. C and associates from the company's price tag of one THC - we have one in Denmark - almost as expensive as one mini or basic compact car... |


Blogger continued: 

 At this specific conference (and earlier) Mr. C, talked about him leaving at some point before the BIG EVENT, into the Pleiadian RM inner world, caves, or hideout, for a better word, leaving, all his assets to Miss M and let the Pleiadian RM, run the "show"! 

But what happens then to all the money? 
Our Pleiadian star brothers and sisters, don't use money, it's a human concept?. 
And all of his projects, nobody got a dime! 

Later on, in 2019 i've learned from my Danish co-admin-host, Mrs. G, the coordinator of The Sisterhood of The Rose Denmark, there's was a HUUUGE battle between Mr. C. and owner of the M45 AXEL COMMAND (movement or FB site), because this particular Spanish guy, revealed Mr. C, real name. I have personally seen the letters and never seen so much swear word, insults and abuse coming from Mr. C. - the same thing happened to Rob Potter and maaany others... 

Next, I was supposed to go to the next conference in Budapest and something pulled me away. 2 days prior I had a really bad feeling and the day of travel I missed the flight, my HS, told me something! 

At that particular conference I knew Miss M was there with Mr. C  and at some point, a Tantra exercise where all has to take off the clothes so all woman's titties was visible and then, a really awkward exercise about all the attendees, men and woman's sharing their most intimate sex stories and fantasies! Chaos and people got very upset!... 

Forward to 2021. Recent went on vacation and meetup with my female friend Miss E and she told me, that the MOST HARDCORE INSIDE supporters, has left, Mr. C... "Untwine" is now a fulltime monk in Tibet, "Steve or Steven and his wife Mrs. A." the most loyal and unpaid Cobra-insiders has also left. Miss E, my friend, has also left, were very close, to be the next high priestess. Basically there's no one left. 

Rumor has it, that, Miss M, was already in his life (before Isis A.), and the one who took out Isis Astara by conducting some kind of multiple black magic rituals. Miss Astara were the sixth high priestess on Earth and one of the good ones. She was killed in 2018. Now the surface of the planet is without a high priestess.. 

I, SoTW, have now left SoTR, the THC steering board, but cannot think about all the Tachyonized Cintamani stones I have buried in Denmark and other countries (with good energy or black magic)! Not to talk about the money I spend on this organization. 

Anyways, I do not regret it and have meet the most powerful and god-loving heart-enabled amazing people.. How, you will hold this info inside, reflect or deny, clever up or repeat, is up to you, guys!... 

PS: Food for thought?  A website to make you "think" is called "his name + resistance + github + io"... |   

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