June 16, 2021

🔭😵‍💫~ (Call me crazy one mooore time!) It's very, very simple: You can't make this stuff up (SoTW) ~ | Blogger: For the Star Wars nerds like myself, check out the last video!. For decades, Magicians and Illusionists has filled out eyes and heads with magic tricks! Now imagine if, all that we see with the naked eye is not an illusion, smokescreen and manipulation that one can sometimes suspect the best known legends, such as Siegfried & Roy or better, the English bloke, "Dynamo". Can he really walk on River Thames or float alongside a red London double decker bus?... The internet is filled with optical illusions, both intentional and accidental. This sort of thing has been done before to project a hologram of the Turkish Prime Minister, and also of dead rapper, Tupac Shakur, fake Inauguration of China Joe and Golden Age Cities in the skies. Hollyweird has one of the best visual FX in the world. Ray Harryhausen is THE Wizard of Stop-Motion Special Effects Before the age of CGI and even before John Carpenter and Steven Spielberg. In 2021, the military might has something called “Project Bluebeam". The only thing left in the New Underworld Order’s bag of tricks is for the aliens to invade (Project Blue Beam), do an international broadcast, tell us to trust world government, be Covid safe and cut carbon emissions all while wearing BLACK LIVES MATTER T-SHIRTS. The next hoax that was already prepped and ready years back, was a “look over there!” decoy for mandatory scamdemic vaccines and the Great Reset. Is a fake alien invasion in the works? With the Branch Covidian cult firmly established, the scene seems ripe to run on at least part of the pajama people. This scenario, once called “Project Bluebeam,” would feature human spaceships like the Aurora TR3-Bs and the pyramid ships pretending to be “alien” craft attacking the Earth. The scenario requires that the fact that humans have such craft be kept secret and that the focus be kept on aliens as possible national security threats... |


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