Apr 9, 2021

🗽⏰⚔️ ~ (Top Trending on Bitchute) THE GREAT REVEAL WITH ANN VANDERSTEEL & CHARLIE WARD (Dr Charlie Ward) ~ | Blogger: Please, this is NOT only about the return of Lion King Trump's America... Beautiful Investigative journalist Ann Vandersteel and the man-in-the-know, Dr Ward, discussing current world affairs... Comparing it with Simon Parkes latest CC video and Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 7, 2021... Topics; CCP, fake China Joe, Evidence mounts of a stolen US election, new QFS system RV/GCR, COVID-19[AI] Scamdemic, Russia-Ukraine war. Highly intelligent (woke generation), Operation Evergreen (the ship that blocked the Suez Canal with hundreds of trafficked children and Weapons of Mass Destruction on board), and much more... |


(..).. Restored Republic:

It appeared that we were in the Eye of the Storm.

General Flynn & General McInerney were warning of a Cyber War within the US and that Cyber warfare flipped the 2020 Election – Trump legally won.

The US Military was very busy taking down the Chinese Communist Party, the communist US Inc. and their pedophile politicians, plus saving millions of children from this Cabal’s vast international Child Trafficking Ring including those being confiscated at the US Border and from refuges of Third World countries.

US Special Ops and those of other countries have completed millions of underground tunnel DUMBS rescues of children worldwide including those beneath the US Capitol Hill.

Right now Special US, Russian and Indian forces were taking out DUMBS in China.

Those Special Ops forces have cleared gold, ancient documents and precious art out of a 150 mile tunnel that ran beneath the Alps and Vatican.

Scott McKay Intel Report by Colonel SJD on Operation Evergreen (the ship that blocked the Suez Canal with hundreds of trafficked children and Weapons of Mass Destruction on board):

The operation was performed by Navy Seals, Russian Special Ops and OUR Protection Team

They found 1,366 humans dead and rescued 1,245.

The heavy weapons were to take out the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand

The ship was also loaded to detonate if compromised – which was avoided through Peterson Air Force Base and personnel on board by jamming the signal.

Evergreen came from China and was headed to 100 different drop off points

US VP John F. Kennedy recently said that: “The Military was on High Alert… The Chinese Communist Party will be dissolved…U.S. Marshals Test Boom*… The Senate has no jurisdiction because the District of Columbia and the corporation of the United States has been dissolved. DC is foreign soil, remember… Senators have been asked to hide photos of children packed like sardines in cages at the Border: GOP Sen. Reveals Shocking Directive: This is What They Are Trying to Hide (resistthemainstream.net)… [POTUS] is saving us from the Globalists. THIS IS HAPPENING NOW. TRUST THE PLAN.” (..) ... | 

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