Mar 28, 2021

πŸ‘©‍πŸš€πŸš€πŸŒŒ ~ (SSP NEWS! Super 'Worm' Moon will rise!) Monologue series 2 with Live chat Q&A: James Gilliland - As You Wish Talk Radio (ECETI RANCH) ~ | Blogger: [🀜1st pic below are "real" crazy iridescent clouds in the sky over the French Pyrenees in March 2021 - from StrangeSounds.comπŸ€›] .. πŸ‘‰James are saying -- in short headlines -- SoTW comments in brackets ()πŸ‘‰... 🚩Escalating hit from aggressive reptilian/tall gray alliance attacking James after he has pissed them off since the 80's, and massive booms like a earthquake above the earth in surrounding neighbourhood of Trout Lake, Washington, after pleiadians taken the ships out. There is a multi-dimensional war going on, says James and more and more people are having these "dreams" being contacted or presented by positive beings councils (SoTW meet James in Mt. Shasta 2015 with OMNEC ONEC The Woman from Venus and saw and felt the Nordic aliens with my own senses)... 🚩The Dark Alliance (for a better word) are trying to shutting down Humanity's DNA of the Gods or Soul of the Creator (spiritual evolution), by given us DNA and RNA-based modifiers vaccine operating system. These are NOT vaccines, says James and could have serious consequences... 🚩 James goes on talking about the Evergreen ship got stuck in a bank of the Suez Canal which is linked to Clinton all being exposed seeing an end to it all. Major highways has also been blocked sideways by "Evergreen" trucks. When those "doors" are going to be open, people are going to be shocked (Yesterday SoTW had a blogpost showing Dutch police discover 'underworld' prison with torture chamber in shipping containers)... 🚩 Super 'Worm' Moon will rise this weekend says James and HUGE energies will come in and we just had the Spring Equinox March 20 2021 on top of that, MAJOR solar flares coronal mass ejections, hitting the Earth. Schumann Resonances are going off the scale again and creating fluctuations in the magnetic field etc. Watch the skies, videos coming in from around the world, you are not going to explain... 🚩Peter Maxwell Slattery, Australian author, rap artist and an Extraterrestrial Contact Experiencer has some amazing footage on his website (SoTW went biking yesterday afternoon and saw this big Sun in the danish Jutland skies together with a big Moon)... 🎌END = 22 minute marker.. Next up is Q&A = 22 minute marker to 60 minute... |

Below pictures from Mt. Shasta 2015 by SoTWs phone camera and others from a conference by Rob Potter


Monologue series 2 with Live chat Q&A. 
Shining the Light on the Red Pill & Multidimensional Planetary Liberation

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