Oct 4, 2020

👨‍💼🚢🔱 ~ (20/20 Vision) Jim Stone: IF THIS VIDEO IS NOT PRE-RECORDED, TRUMP IS PROTECTED AND NOT AT WALTER REED (RumorMill) ~ | Blogger: [👉Hospital Trump Calls Treatment “Miracles Coming Down from God” -- Trump does not have Corona and is instead on a ship at sea ~ JS👈] ... 🤔Interesting report from Jim stone freelance journalist... |

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Date: Sunday, 4-Oct-2020 01:04:55


Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist

NEW INFO: HIGHLY PROBABLE (best case scenario for what is written below:

Trump does not have Corona and is instead on a ship at sea.

I figured out something about a video he posted today - and it is good news. I also did not want to post this for his own security but someone else figured it out on a forum and got total agreement so I figured the genie is out of the bottle so I might as well post it -

IF, and only IF this video Trump posted today really was recorded today, Trump is not at Walter Reed hospital, he is on a ship, and not even a military quality one. Military quality ships have full stabilization and you can't even tell you are at sea. The ship he is on has stabilization, but it is not military grade stabilization. It looks like he's on a super yacht. I would not be surprised. . . . .

Blow that video up to full screen and watch it. The camera gets nyquist noise on the flag stripes at precise intervals. Even if the camera is stabilized, the flags are not and this regular rythmic appearance of nyquist noise, without the flags actually appearing to sway, is exactly what you'd get on a ship if the ship has good, but not perfect stabilization.

I hope to God this video is legitimately from today and not pre-recorded, if it is, Trump is under protection.

I REPEAT: I did not want to say this. I knew about it but did not think anyone else would figure it out. I wanted to keep Trump's secret but some stupid smart two year old figured it out and spilled the beans.

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