Sep 17, 2020

💱🔑🤫 ~ (Wauv!) CHARLIE WARD : QUANTUM FINANCIAL SYSTEM, TRUMP, FINANCIAL RESET - FINAL VERSION (Project Camelot) ~ | Blogger: [👉To Summarize: Mr. Ward trust in = God. QAnon. FAKE Virus = RV/GCR. QFS. XRP - Backed by GOLD. The Asian Royal Dragon Family. Trumps COVID Vaccine = Hydroxychloroquine... Mr. Ward 'detached' himself from = US Govt, PowerElites cash money bin DUMB's. FED. European nations begin seizing private pensions... Mr. Ward believes that = Venetian banking mafia (The Warburg family) arrested and been held - ruler of 12 banking families. Vatican City cleansed. The Pope arrested. QFS/QVS is unhackable and basically operational ready and tested... Mr. Ward predicts = 1. Virus Spike Sept-Nov. 2. Suicides. 3. Heart Attacks. 4. Masks Side Effects. 5. USA Virus Frozen Food. etc. etc. (end 105 min marker)👈] ... 😮Project Camelot's Kerry Cassidy just did one of the BEST & DEEPEST interviews of Charlie Ward that I've ever seen...🍽️ Now, SoTW meet Kerry Cassidy in London after the Awake & Aware 2018 when black military helios circle the event all day long and we (all) got attacked by Directed Energy Weapons, but especially, Simon Parkes lost his voice, and had to leave the establishment, early. Some of us went out with the speakers for dinner, that night... 🙈ANYWHO, for some 20 years, Kerry has been at the forefront of all of the weirdness in our world and this interview covers everything from the secret space program, Tesla technology, ETs, Pleiadians, Reptilians, Insectoids and Anunnaki, Atlantis, Deep Underground Bases, QAnon, JFK Jr, the Quantum Financial System, GESARA, the Plandemic, NorCal fires, Frequency Wars, and more. If you like delving into these alternate realities, this interview is (not) one-stop shopping for all of it but you're not bored, let me tell you that... 🤑BTW, Mr. Ward talks about this stuff in 128 min marker and Cobra, told us (once followers), to trust in XRP many years ago and SoTW has some, also a lot of (Iraqi) Dinars, but have no so much trust, in the CASH Revaluation anymore, as Mr. Ward have. More in digital QFS shift and Silver / Gold Mint Revolution... |

Source  (Project Camelot) 

THIS VIDEO HAS BEEN EDITED TO REMOVE DELAYS...BROADCAST LIVE VIA YOUTUBE. Charlie Ward has been receiving inside info from what he calls high level government contacts regarding the financial reset and the plan to shut down the economies of the world as far back as 6 years ago. Please check out Charlie Ward's other videos here. 


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