Sep 18, 2020

🌈πŸš₯πŸ’œ ~ Flames of Light and Liquid Light (Untwine - Recreating Balance Archive) ~ | Blogger: [πŸ‘‰Is this the last post from Untwine in 2018? What happen to him?πŸ‘ˆ] ... The last conference SoTW attended in person was THE ASCENSION CONFERENCE - Cobra's first, in Brazil of 2018, with 500 participants with many, initiations. Been to others, and was lucky to been part of a small core-team, close to Cobra and has been on secret (impossible) missions in Italy, Romania, Budapest and Copenhagen, where I have planted many Cintamani stones, near the Dark Spider Webs. I have also meet Isis Astara, last blessed High Priestess on Earth, in a conference at Crete, island of Greece, before she was attacked by and died of DEW(acc. to Cobra)... Sorry to say, I lost the spirit of things, not sure Cobra's new american (spouse) is so good for him (dark witch some say) and after I came close to the organisation (behind the scene), my present young beautiful girlfriend was attacked by the core-group, all the ego and unsolved traumas in people and Cobra's unstoppable quest for earning money and his bit aggressive approach to things and people, and nobody really knows, where all the money, went to. No, "Sisterhood Of The Rose" or "Island of Light" do not receive a dime, as far as I know - SoTW is (passive) admin of SoTR DK. I'm also (part) of the DK Tachyon Chambers... I'm sorry guys, I don't want to be a partykiller, not only did I lose my girlfriend, but I have my own inner compass and inner strength, to be my own Guru. Cobra is still part of my life, in a way, that I truly think, what this major widespread organization and many support groups, are doing, is really amazing and honorable, trying to assist Hu-manity and Liberation of Planetary Earth. Being around younger people, not that experienced of the spiritual age of maturity (begins at 27 year plus) is one thing, we all have to make unprecedented sacrifices to get rid of the powerful ego, primary contracts removal and etheric and physical implants. Old wounds, tramuas, phobia and chock that has entered our DNA cell memory for centuries or millennium of reincarnations, is not helping us - it's a fight for survival. Well, I'm a old (not so Grumpy) guy and still learning and processing, every day, but have no FEAR or EGO, left... Cheers, also go out to my beloved pleiadian family... NAMASTE... |

On a personal note: recently in Sept post 2020 COBRA showed us Pleiadian Liquid Light Ships and in 2017, a Pleiadian Christmas present? Check out the pic and video (Cobra message, December 25, 2017)... 

🍭PS: If you have listen to Isis & Cobra's album: 'The Goddess Spiral Meditations', you're already aware, that Cobra calls in colored Liquid Light, especially, Liquid Rainbow Light, which Untwine tells us, is a very powerful energy which has many many benefits and is used a lot by many cosmic beings and star family... |



Flames of Light and Liquid Light

Flames of Light, such as the Violet Flame, White Fire of AN, and the blue flame of Achangel Michael, have been widely known and used in the last few decades on Earth. However the use of Liquid Light is not so widespread.

Flames of Light and Liquid Light are higher dimensional energies which are the origin of physical reality. For example, golden Light is the substance from which physical gold (and other golden crystals) are created, gold literally is densified golden colored Light. The same applies to silver, and many crystals, and actually the same applies to all physical matter, as it is known in physics that each different atom has different frequency, and these frequencies correspond to colors, so all physical atoms are manifestations of densified frequencies of various colored Light.

When we use these colored Light in meditation, visualization, intentions, etc, something real and factual happens in our higher bodies (4D 5D and above, or in other words etheric, astral, Soul etc), these colored Light are transmitted by the higher bodies which is having a direct effect on these planes (etheric astral etc) and an indirect effect on physical reality, because matter is always flowing between physical and other planes in both directions.

A practical example of this is that the regular use of golden Light can help to attract physical gold. However it is good to understand that the real energy of gold and golden color is not really about mainstream financial affairs but instead its essence is about transmitting the energy of Higher Self/Soul, like a Sun or a Star, and this is the original reason why it was used widely by ancient cultures.

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