Aug 24, 2020

πŸš’ ~ πŸ’— (Including guided meditation) Mass Meditation for Extinguishing the California Fires Tuesday, August 26 (GAOG) πŸ’• ~ |

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Mass Meditation for Extinguishing the California Fires

Tuesday, August 26

As you are probably aware, fires are currently raging all throughout California at this point, having been caused by freakish lightning storms last weekend. In lessthan a week, at least 560 fires have been ignited; and firefighters, who have been working 72-hour shifts, have barely begun to contain them. It is overwhelming on all levels.

As a northern Californian, I have witnessed and dealt with the horrific fires that have hit this state in the last few years; and yet, this complex configuration of fires is unbelievably many times worse than in previous years.

At this point, the area I live in is being circled by fires from every direction. Thousands have been evacuated and lost their homes, and many are still anxiously living in evacuation warning zones, as news every day reveals that more and more acres have been burning out of control.

As if pandemic and lockdown fears and losses were not enough for Californians to contend with, we are now dealing with lost homes, evacuation, and heavy smoke-filled skies that will probably last for weeks on end.

And, very sadly, the fires are not only continuing to threaten thousands of homes, they are also threatening several of the most beautiful national parks in the state, including Yosemite, Big Basin, and Armstrong Woods.

Time for a Mass Meditation

Therefore, it’s clear that it’s time for a mass meditation to help California through this newest disaster. We have great power in our consciousness now to affect outer world events. We’ve seen this before with mass meditations.

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