Jul 5, 2020

📸💰🏃‍♂️ ~ (#TvindLivesMatter?) Proof of Life? Caught in Costco. A Covert Commercial Empire Run Through Tax Havens. Paid by the State and Taxpayers Money? ~ | Blogger: [👉Mogens Amdi Petersen has tried to hide from govt for 41 years. Interpol's global most-wanted list (and FBI's wanted list in 2001) for 14 years, tax fraud of just over DKK 100 million kroner, walks freely inside Costco, in the city of Ensenada, Mexico, close to Tvind's headquarters, TG Pacifico, with his harem of woman, protecting him👈] ... Which, are very sad of course, but comes to no surprise to me, at least on SoTW... With all due respect, I don't give a rats ass about Amdi, founder and leader of Humana People-to-People and the Tvind Teachers Group, that has since August 2013, been on Interpol's Most Wanted list, and is being sought by his native Denmark for serious financial crimes. Four of Petersen's aides are also Interpol fugitives - let them rot up there, we don't need them(Pardon my French)... 😩But I do care about the "system" that let them loose, our danish govt having blinders on, the state-sponsored project 'The World's Best News' is partnering with 'UFF Humana', a controversial relief organization with links to Tvind... 🙀Although five leading Tvind people have been wanted via Interpol for four years, and Tvind is suspected of tax fraud and serious financial crimes in several countries, Danish municipalities paid at least DKK 190 million to Tvind in 2016. It shows a statement made by kommunen.dk and the DR program (Afsløret) Revealed on the basis of a public access to the municipalities of the country...🤦This story kept me thinking about we have one of the hardened criminals of Denmark, still on the loose, for 41 years, literally laughing his ass off, and we (the people) has to pay the Church Tvind empire, by taxes in Denmark, while he is in hidden, eating Tex-Mex burrito and drinking Tequila... And Mexico do not have an extradition treaty... Makes me sick to the core that it is even possible to continue beyond 2020... 🤑People are asking me if it's about the money missing - noooo -- It's about how Tvind empire has destroyed kids future, and brainwashed adults, like Jehovah Witness, Mormons and Scientology... I have been shown how poorly the municipalities handle the vulnerable (young peope) who most need help. It is simply incomprehensible to me that so many municipalities do not keep track of their investment; don't pay attention to the fact that they actually get the quality they pay for... We see young people being placed on housing offers where they do not fit in at all - and where there is no necessary professionalism. We have also seen that Tvind lets underpaid foreign workers without professional qualifications be included in the work with children with very complexed problems, who cannot take care of themselves. In other words; social dumping in an area where professionalism, specialization and continuity are needed most.... |

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