Jul 31, 2020

🦹 (Slyngelstuen – E.B.) Can You Spot What's Wrong With These Photos? ~ (Arkivskabet 2018) | Blogger: [🤑Follow the money - but don't feed the dark matter with anger, frustration and fear when you wake up and discover, you have befriended 'evil people' in high places to feed your own ego🙀] ... Hmm... I was just wondering...🤔🤔🤔 Who are these pictured two noble gentleman? Neither of them are part of the black nobility or black aristocracy, but sold their soul to the devil, to get power, money and respect in these satanic cult communities. Perhaps Mr. Rasmussen has absolutely no clue (our politicans or danish celebs) what the heck is going on, having the blinders on and keep moving forward (ignoring the obvious) .. Just think, when the 'true light' pulls the rug from under these fine (dark) gentlemen of power and greed and deceit, what will happen to them? When our flow-tv, radio and digital media, will turn into a real-time event 24/7 - telling us the TRUTH🔁 That our founding forefathers, human origins, the anunnaki leaders (masters of our religions) and the governments has been manipulated us all on a lie for thousands of years. 🖖When the first contact with a benevolent alien race takes place. And the CEO's of big companies will be removed. When 183,177K sealed indictments will begin to be unsealed. And the solar flash from the Galactic Central Sun, will activate our own local Sun with tachyonic particles penetrating our DNA🧬... Despite living in "the free world", there are very few free men and women walking around in our democracies. Very few indeed. This is because some men and women have a human failing that drives them to want to manipulate others for the sake of power. That manipulation has enslaved humanity throughout most of its history, and still presents the most ominous threat to democracy... But not for long... 🤴🏾The dark will be dissolved, into light..💡 PS: (two monkeys in a cage) You need to watch the official government video on the meet-up with Bill Clinton & Lars Løkke Rasmussen. An embarrassment moment - “Welcome to my brigade, Captain.” - Lieutenant Lars Løkke, reached out his right hand as the senile Clinton🤙, just stood there and the danish PM, growing up on a farm in Vejle, Jutland, the cowman🐮, clapping his hand, like it was baby cow feeding time... 😑O-M-G! Ever wonder what english with a STRONG danish accent sounds like... here ya go. At one time, i thought that Lars would reach out and kiss Bill, when he sleazy said, that Denmark is considered to be good friends with Americans, especially YOU. Mr Clinton (bah - eww🤮)... I mean, does our beloved PM in Denmark, knows that it's confirmed, Mr. Clinton jumped aboard disgraced sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' plane👯 for junkets 26 TIMES in just three years?... |

.. And Clinton is guided by the historical relations between the United States and Denmark: "I appreciate that we have a longer unbroken relationship with Denmark than to any other country", says Clinton, that was on his seven visit .. |

Former US President Bill Clinton met on Wednesday with Lars Løkke in the Prime Minister's Office. The reason for the visit was a major conference in Copenhagen, organized by the Presidents Institute, with approximately 3,000 European leaders. The first time the 71-year-old man was in Denmark was back in 1997. Here Lars Løkke accepts Bill Clinton aka Slick Willie

https://www.regeringen.dk/nyheder/video-praesident-clinton-besoeger-statsministeren/ (VIDEO)

Bill Clinton aka Slick Willie and former danish prime minister, Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and deceased wife. The PM literally started the 'illegal' war in Kosovo with NATO Gladio's help - it's a fact ... Very, very close friends with the Clinton family, many has claimed... 
Bill Clinton aka Slick Willie with Caroline Fleming, a Danish noble entrepreneur, model,
television personality and friends with danish monarchy... 
Bill Clinton aka Slick Willie with former CEO of Save The Children organization, accused of human sex 
trafficking, former danish PM, Facebook censor master and are board member in tax haven companies of fraud...     

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