Jul 2, 2020

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Joni Patry lives in Dallas, Texas and is one of the most recognized teachers and Vedic astrologers in the world. She was a faculty member for ACVA, CVA and Instructor for online certification programs, published many books, journals and appeared on national and international television shows. As the keynote speaker for international conferences, she has a Japanese website, and teaches in Turkey and India. She has been awarded the 2015 Jyotish Star of the year and Dr B. V. Raman's Janma Shatamanothsava Award Jyotisha Choodamani. She publishes an online astrological magazine, Astrologic Magazine and has an online University for certification, the University of Vedic Astrology.

July 2020 Spiritual Insights

The world is dramatically changing; nothing will be the same. There is so much social unrest and people are fearful and concerned about the future. We will get through this but we must remain calm. Many are looking for guidance during these difficult times and if you are reading this now you are one of the many who must provide guidance to others and set the example. Times are going to get more extreme as we are in the phase of a depression now. I keep referring to the five stages of death and dying as defined by Elizabeth Kubler Ross, now called stages of grief. This process can be applied to any cathartic event in life. Whenever we receive difficult news, we go through a psychological process to adjust to the change. The five stages are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. This is happening globally as we deal with the COVID-19. In this process, I believe we have advanced to the stage of depression based on Saturn opposing the New Moon this month.

What stands out astrologically this month is that Saturn exactly opposes the New Moon in Cancer at 4 degrees. Rahu and Ketu are 4 degrees Gemini/Sagitarrius as well causing many unfavorable events as the planetary relationship is uncomfortable. Rahu aspects Saturn in a 6/8 (quincunx) relationship with Saturn. This is very concerning! Many feel there is no way out of the current turmoil and this is what causes a feeling of hopelessness and depression. The upcoming transits of Mars as it will turn retrograde will cause great pain and revert many deeply in the phase of anger. These phases can go back and forth until the final result is reached which is acceptance.
Another very concerning astrological event is the Lunar Eclipse that occurs on July 4th. This will most definitely bring a peak of raging violence that will overflow in the U.S. This Eclipse is very dangerous with the Moon conjunct Ketu and Jupiter and Pluto. The 29 degree of Jupiter and Pluto as they retrograde together back into Sagittarius will bring forth radical and fanatical beliefs. Furthermore, the Sun with retrograde Mercury are in the nakshatra Ardra the nakshatra of tragedy.

Judging by what I see astrologically occurring this month and for the next six months, it is time to realize why we have come to this earth at such intense times. What do we need to learn and what must we do?

I just realized why so many people including myself have been dreaming of people, places, and things of the past. It is because we are here to heal issues from the past. The outer world is always a reflection of what is going on in our inner worlds. We must always look to world affairs to better understand what we need to learn. We are all here to become more aware and grow consciously and spiritually. It is so evident that the outer world is in chaos and is purging and issues from the past are surfacing that need to be healed. Anything that has been unresolved and denied and not healed from the past is surfacing now. This is why it appears we are living through the same racial uprising in the U.S. that happened in the 1960s because it was never healed.

We must all understand that we are all connected and when we go to sleep at night, we connect to the unconscious mind that is connected to all that is. We receive messages that we don’t understand because the Universal mind speaks in symbols. But if you try to understand the symbols, signs, and messages you will understand the workings of the Universe. We have two modes of consciousness in a 24-hour period: we are either awake or asleep. This is symbolized in day and night, represented astrologically by the Sun and the Moon. Interestingly, most people disregard anything about our sleeping state, but this state is just as important for better understanding ourselves and what we are here to learn.

While we are awake in our conscious phase, we experience physically the manifestation of our lives and actions, but when we sleep it is a time of reflection into our subconscious mind. We review our actions and feelings from our day and much information is revealed if we pay attention. In astrology, the Moon is a reflection of the light of the Sun and in the darkness of the night we sleep and reflect on our day. In daytime as the Sun shines, we are awake and aware. However, in the daytime, we cannot actually see because we cannot look at the Sun because it is too bright and will burn our eyes. This is why we must use the nighttime to better see what we are actually doing and how we can learn from our daily experiences.

Astrology is the science that is packed full of Universal symbols. Astrology is a means to better understand the deep workings of the Universe. We must not become emotionally caught up in the world’s dramas right now. Instead, we must try to understand what the outside world and our dreams are trying to teach us. Remember the only reason we are having this earthly experience is to grow spiritually.

All of our worldly experiences are given to us as opportunities for growth, and as we grow in awareness and consciousness, we have a better understanding of why things are the way they are. Everything in your world is a reflection of your inner world and it is always giving you messages you can learn. Moreover, the mass consciousness of the world is reflected in world affairs. This is why I have always said that everything including the presidents of nations are a reflection of the mass consciousness. Everything out there is a reflection of what is happening internally in the masses. When you understand this, it takes away the anger of what is happening in the world and with understanding, you feel peace and healing. The fear is eliminated with knowledge. This is probably why in Vedic astrology it said to “know thyself and you know everything in the Universe” because the Universe is reflected outwardly from within.

We should never blame outside conditions on others; we must always try to understand what is within us that is causing the negative emotion. If we don’t address and understand these emotions, they will control our lives and create more situations. This is a healing process. All unresolved anger results in resentments which is what stays in us and eats away at our soul and can even result in disease. I know the question arises why a baby would get sick, as this doesn’t make sense, but there is a Divine plan that we cannot understand. And in the realm of past lives and reincarnation, it would make sense if we could see the big picture, and all this information is actually in our dreams. We just choose not to see it. Those who say they don’t remember their dreams should make a conscious effort to remember because maybe they are afraid to see. There is never anything to be afraid of because the truth always alleviates fear. There is always a greater Divine plan that helps us grow to a better understanding of everything on Earth. Don’t concern yourself with things you cannot change.

The global predicament of today is telling us about what has been repressed for so long and many are very angry, and has festered into deep resentments which results in violence. This is a purging of all the past resentments. One time while in meditation, I asked what keeps us reincarnating back to this world and the answer came back as “resentments.” I asked why resentments? It was revealed to me that resentment is the deepest and strongest human emotion that represents injustices in the world. We become so attached to these feelings of injustice that we become very righteous. This is the strongest emotion that ties us to coming back to this world to make sure the injustices in our life are resolved.

However, what we must learn is the emotion of love is more powerful and will heal this horrendous emotion of deep and buried resentments that are seething through our angry reactions. We cannot see the power of love when we are so attached to the righteousness that the person we feel needs to come to justice needs to suffer the way we suffered. We just can't let it go, so over and over we keep reincarnating and experiencing the same situations.

Those who are put in our life’s path are only images to teach us that the only way to heal this suffering is through truly understanding; it has nothing to do with the people that are a part of the lesson. It is only a lesson to teach us the main lesson we are all here to learn, and that is to come from a place of love and acceptance. This is what will heal your life’s experience and you will finally evolve beyond this plane of physical existence. When we know this, all suffering in this life and world will be resolved and healed. When you “know” this, there is no more fear, anger, hate, jealousy, greed, sadness, or sorrow because you have gained enlightenment, which is beyond all perceived earthly power; it is Oneness.

All the atrocities in this world are due to these perceived fears because all negative emotions or so-called “evil” is based on the sense of fear-insecurity and the sense of being separate. When you realize all is Oneness you never want to hurt others because they are a part of you. The sense of isolation will be gone when we pass to the other side because we connect and become one with the collective unconscious. Here we have the true sense of who and what we really are, but we can’t see it or feel it when we are awake and in our bodies. But we do get to experience this every night when we go to sleep. This is one of the most important points I want to make; to pay attention to your dreams. Your dreams and the time of sleep is as important as your waking hours. It is the time when you will get answers to all your questions and help you grow.

The entire reason for our lives is to grow in consciousness and awareness leading us to the realization and purpose of life, and that is enlightenment. Enlightenment is all knowing without negative emotions that will keep us stuck in this world.

Let me tell you about some of my dreams lately that I believe are giving me a message to this world predicament. I have been having many dreams about my past. I dream of my parents and my sister who have all passed. I especially dream of the house I grew up in. One of my favorite things to do as a child was to catch butterflies. I loved their beauty and everything about them. I was obsessed with them, and even learned all the names of certain butterflies. I had a couple of dreams of catching butterflies in the house I grew up in. I found a beautiful butterfly in the hallway in my old house that was weak and almost dead. I caught it and went out on the front porch to let it go. I thought it was unable to fly, but to my surprise, it flew away magnificently.

I finally realized all my dreams that I keep having from the past are issues from the past that are surfacing now because now is the time of purging and healing. As for the symbol of butterflies, they are the symbol of transformation and change because of the metamorphosis they go through from a caterpillar to become a beautiful butterfly that can take flight. This means the transformation of the old and the past is about to occur in my life and I believe this is a reflection for the world too. I believe with all the incredibly dramatic events occurring in the world now it will eventually lead us to a transformation and healing in the world and our society. But we must find that beauty and love from within that will transform everything.

During this most difficult time, there are many who will refuse to see the world as a place to grow and learn because they are so caught up in their anger and resentments. They do not want to let go, surrender, and accept that the only way out is through love. They need justice beyond all costs and those who have hurt them must suffer as they did. This will continue to perpetuate the cycles of reincarnation because these powerful emotions for justice keeps them coming back. With the negative power of hate, anger, and violence they never understand that the final act of healing always ends in surrender and acceptance and this end result is what will bring peace and love. This is the lesson we are all learning now in this intense learning cycle on planet earth.

So, with this understanding, I ask that you receive your wisdom through your dreams and try to understand what the outside world’s reflection is telling you about your own life. Learn to release any anger and resentments you may have been carrying from your past and resolve to let go and surrender these negative emotions. Realize you cannot change others but you have the power to change the way you feel, and this is life-altering. When you bless these situations as an opportunity to go beyond this world, you will come to a place of acceptance, love, and peace. The world will benefit and heal as you heal since it is all a reflection of you. Know that this is the most powerful way to heal the world and know you have this power.

Planetary Predictions

The planets all represent something in each of us that expresses the experiences in our lives and the world. Our solar system is a part of us as each planet represents our internal solar system relating to our chakras which also relate to our glandular system. Each planet, from the slowest moving to the fastest moving, relates to our chakras. Our solar system relates to our world events as well. This is how it all works from within reflecting the world affairs.

As I interpret what these planetary energies may mean in their cycles, we can better understand how to navigate through the intense times ahead. Remember as things become much more intense and difficult, it is even easier to see what we are here to learn and how we can grow. So, understand I am not being negative or instilling fear through what the planets are telling us, but merely helping everyone recognize and see beyond what the planets are telling us and what our lessons are now. Astrology is a very valuable tool for understanding and once we truly understand it, all fear is eliminated.

July 4-5: Lunar Eclipse 19 degrees Sagittarius
Depending on where you live, this Lunar Eclipse will occur on July 4th or 5th.
July 4th is Independence Day in the U.S. and occurs 45 minutes after midnight on the east coast on July 5th and 9:45 pm on July 4th on the west coast in the U.S. Lunar Eclipses bring to light the indications of the Solar Eclipse. This is a very telling eclipse period for the U.S. In the period of two weeks since the Solar Eclipse on June 21, there are many changes in the planets as Jupiter and Pluto are exactly conjunct in Sagittarius at 29 degrees. The Moon in this Lunar Eclipse is wedged between Jupiter/Pluto and Ketu. These planets in Sagittarius pertain to extremes in beliefs indicating overly righteous and fanatical behavior. This will lead to fighting and many attacks. Furthermore, the Moon with Ketu indicates great loss. The Sun and Mercury are in the nakshatra Ardra which indicates suffering and sadness and sometimes relates to tragedy. All the while, Ketu is still in the destructive nakshatra Mula till September 19, 2020.

As the 4th of July is a time of celebration in the U.S., I think it will be a time that many will retaliate to destroy the nation as patriotism will be perceived as a bad thing and people will use this time to riot, loot, and destroy places.

Considering the natal chart I use for the U.S., Rahu is 15 degrees of Cancer and Ketu is 15 degrees of Capricorn and transiting Uranus now is 15 degrees of Aries squaring Rahu and Ketu or at the midpoint. This represents massive change on a very deep level, and change and destruction is inevitable.

July 08 Mars square Mercury 11 Pisces/Gemini
There will be massive travel bans across the world as Mercury (retrograde) is aspected by violent and angry Mars. Communications are distraught with misrepresentation and anger. People just want to be angry and exert their opinions and blame others. This is not a good time for social events or traveling.

July 12: Mercury turns Direct 11 degrees Gemini:
The damage created during this intense time will take time to heal. This retrograde played havoc on the world pandemic intensifying it in many places. But progressively as Mercury moves direct in September when Jupiter and Saturn turn direct the current conditions with the COVID-19 will begin to change.

July 14-15: Sun opposes Jupiter 28 Gemini/Sagittarius
Sun opposes Pluto 29 degrees Gemini/Sagittarius
This brings hope and healing of all the past troubles. Communications will begin to settle the many riots and anger that have been running rampant, but it is still not enough to bring peace. When Mars moves into Aries and turns retrograde in August and September, there will be extremes we cannot imagine. Explosive events are coming for the next six months.

July 16: Saturn quincunx Rahu 4 degrees Capricorn/Gemini
July 16th through July 20th is crucial as Saturn, the planet of oppression and depression, will be in a very bad aspect to Rahu as it opposes the New Moon. This will affect the economy severely. After so much violence and destruction, and many businesses closing for so long due to the virus, the economy is suffering. Take the proper precautions with your money and job.

July 20: New Moon 4 degrees Cancer
Sun opposes Saturn 4 degrees Cancer/Capricorn
Saturn represents depression and I see this as an economic depression and many may not get their jobs back while the government is out of stimulus money. Following this depression, many will retaliate with even more anger in the next few months.

July 27: Venus square Neptune 26 degree Taurus/Aquarius
Venus quincunx Jupiter 26 degrees Taurus/Sagittarius
Venus square Neptune can be problems in love. Venus is in a difficult position with both Neptune and Jupiter. As Venus rules love and relationships, anything that relates to deception or betrayal in a relationship will surface now. Venus, in a worldly sense, rules peace which indicates there will be no peace anytime soon. It also rules money indicating corruption in the financial markets. Don’t trust others to handle your financial affairs now.

July 31 Venus enters Gemini
As Venus moves into Gemini, it is approaching Rahu which will definitely spice up the following month. As Venus moves away from the retrograde cycle in Taurus there will be more need for peace, and Venus begins to bring peace in about nine months from the retrograde cycle. The retrograde cycle began in May, therefore, around January of 2021 there will be serious peace treaties as there will be a need to find peace at this time.

Finally, from what I see, this will be a very intense and violent time until the end of the year. But I do see a revival soon, particularly in the economy and stock market by next January-March of 2021. It seems there must be a cleansing and this will bring a healing. The world is changing and transforming for a much better world. There is light at the end of this tunnel, and we will all make it there soon.

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